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2 Questions on Political Science

Question 1

Comparative politics refers to a scientific method of study in the field of political science. Comparative politics is a science because it involves comparison of two or many countries with an attempt to draw a conclusion drawing on those relationships. The method used in comparative politics resembles other methods, which scientists used in the field of physical sciences since it also tries to ascertain empirical associations between variables. Political science differs from physical science in one aspect, in that, in physical sciences, is the methods of testing available to each field. In the field of physical sciences, scientists can conduct controlled experiments in laboratories as well as manipulate the variables under investigation. On the contrary, political science depends on examination and analysis of the obtainable governmental and social data, which makes hard to manipulate variables.
It is difficult to create a science of political science because of the inability to use legitimate comparative methods to test genuine trends like cross-cultural generalizations. Additionally, it is hard to identify political attitudes independent of parties and institutions. This is because the idea of political cultures is secondary to and dependent upon the notion of political practice. This implies that political attitudes are implausible candidates for constructing casual generalization, which in the end makes it difficult to draw a conclusive result from any given study.
Comparative politics is a science because it uses comparative method, which resembles the scientific method in the physical sciences in order to establish empirical relationship that exists between variables. The difficulty in creating a science of political science emanates from lack of real comparative methods to test cross-cultural generalizations. Putting in place, such mechanism can help develop scientific methods for studying comparative politics.

Question 2

The word State refers to a self-governing political entity. In political science, a state refers to a form of association that distinguishes itself from the fact that it dissociates itself from any other political associations, though it may incorporate other such associations. As such, a state is a supreme corporate entity even though it can be subordinate to other powers.
Different geographic areas have different needs and resources and want representation in government. States are very important to the people it protects their interest. States are important because they are responsible for primary, community infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, security, and transport.
It is possible to live without state because they are not necessary as they used to be. This is because some of the claims the government used to make regarding its achievements are no longer plausible. Such claims about economic management only applied many years ago, when colonies federated. The success of any country depends on economic policy, which is a national policy and state governments execute low-level services. Some can still argue that citizens need states to protect themselves from other states. In the absence of states, the national government and district administration would replace states.
We can live without states, but the main problem is that the people in people do not want to give up their power. It more practical to reduce the differences between States, but power holders in these states would not let their power to go. The U.S. has already experienced a major conflict when between the majority and states’ rights. States governments will disappear with a major shift in power towards the federal government.

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