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7 questions about Raskolnikov

1. Why is Raskolnikov rude to his family? Is his characterization of Luzhin correct?  Raskolnikov is rude to them because he does not want to see them. He’s very guilty and then his sadness converts into rudeness toward his family. His characterization of Luzhin is right because of Luzhin’s then betrays Raskolnikov just to get Dunya. His dislike of Luzhin reveals how Raskolnikov does not want Dunya to sacrifice herself on his behalf.

2. What is the significance of Razumikhin’s attitude here? Razumikhins attitude is significant because he realizes Luzhin isnt going in the right directions.

3. Note Prokofich’s description of Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov is described by Prokofich by being disgusted about his dream and didn’t realize that itll come true. Then after that he becomes digusted with himself.

4. Discuss Sonia’s scenes with Raskolnikov, her mother’s death, and the appearance of Svidrigailov. Sonia reacts to her mother’s death

5. In Chapter 5, the Superman Theory appears—describe it. When was the article written? Discuss the victims. Discuss Raskolnikov’s speech, answering Razumikhin.  Raskolnikov has written a paper on the superman theory when he was in college. In the paper he explains how extraordinary men are able to go beyond the law, like Napoleon, because of their high standing. He expresses that he doesn’t see himself as an extraordinary person. But those who are not extraordinary are the victims to those who are. Those who are Supermen are accountable to the world for their actions even though they are not accountable to the law.

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6. Discuss Raskolnikov’s view of the crime, and the meeting with the stranger. Razumikhin’s strongly moral character reveals itself in his immediate rejection of this notion. Porfiry Petrovich, takes great interest in the idea. Not because he agrees with it, but because he sees it as a piece of psychological evidence pointing to Raskolnikov’s guilt.

7. In the last of Chapter 6, Raskolnikov has another dream. Explain his dream’s view of the crime.  In devaluing Alyona’s life, Raskolnikov seeks to reduce the criminality of the murder by emphasizing his own worth and her worthlessness. In his nightmare, he cannot pretend that he acted as a “superman” in killing Alyona. The nightmare forces him to confront his mediocrity. That Alyona laughs at him when he tries to kill her reveals to him his impotency and inadequacy.

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