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Andy Evans raped Melinda Sordino in the woods

A month before returning to school for her freshman year of high school, Melinda Sordino met Andy Evans, her best friend’s boyfriend at a party. Andy then invited her for talk outside in the woods and raped her. She called the police and did not feel stronger to say what happened to the police. The cops came over and stopped the party because of that phone call and neighborhoods’ call. She ran home and did not talk about it to anyone. She sinks into depression, losing her mind, lost many of her friends, even her best friend and started to be selfish. In the middle of the year, she met a new friend Heather who just tried to use Melinda for her purposes. Melinda’s depression started to be more and more. She stopped to be in touch with many people, skipped school and people thought that she just wanted to have “special attention”. One day, she met her ex-best friend on the street, and they went over everything that missed from each other. Her ex-best friend broke up with Andy after speaking with Melinda. Then, the furious Andy attacked Melinda at a sanctuary, and she was able to get help in time. The truth about that night spread out, and everybody knew what she is through and understood her silence. Andy got arrested at the end. That is a fictional United States’ novel (Speak) written by Laurie Halse Anderson. The principal actor in that novel was so lucky enough to get through it, however, what about those who do not get help or offenders who are not punished enough? That is a sad experience that many women over the world deal with at any single moment of the life. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, One in five women will be raped at any point in their lives, and 91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and nine percent are males (NSVRC, par 1). It sounds like a huge statistic to be taking into consideration. The Sexual assault will harm the victim’ health, and even the attacked who also plead guilty, will not receive a correct sentenced that will allow him to step down from that activity. Instead, he will keep moving further.

Meanings and Numbers

It is essential to get a deeper understanding of the words sexual assault before going any further. On the eye’s law, the sexual assault refers to any sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the victim. According to RAINN, a sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter his or her age, sexual orientation, or gender identity (RAINN, par1). There is plenty of type of sexual assault: domestic violence, groping, rape, sexual harassment, mass sexual assault, child sexual abused. According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affair (USDVA): “the sexual activity involved in an assault can include many different experiences. Women can be the victims of unwanted touching, grabbing, oral sex, anal sex, sexual penetration with an object, and sexual intercourse” (USDVA, sentence 3). Similarly, this kind of sexual penetration without the victim’s consent is called rape.

The rape is the standard issue happening in society, people’ daily life, many college campuses in the United States The victims’ cases keep increasing. According to USDVA: “The National Crime Victimization Survey estimated that one half of a million (or 500,000) sexual assaults occurred in the U.S. in one year, from 1992 to 1993. Of those assaults, about three often were completed rapes, and an additional three of ten were attempted rapes” (USDVA, par 6). Being raped by someone you know is higher statistically than getting raped by a stranger. Majority of rape’ cases are uninhibited and opportunistic and committed by people who may commit other impulsive acts or crimes.

According to Rainn “The majority of perpetrators are someone known to the victim. Approximately seven out of 10 of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, such as in the case of intimate partner sexual violence or acquaintance rape” (RAINN, par 4). These rapists tend to show no anger except in response to their victim’s resistance and use little unnecessary force. Through their article, the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center establishes the relationship between victims and attacker, and from that, 22 percent are from acquaintances, and 38 percent are from other relatives (NVAWPRC, graph 2). It could stipulate that the majority of sexual assaults delinquents are men and most victims are women. With that substantial percentage, men should need solid reasons to commit those violent acts.

Men as a humain being could sexually abuse women for pleasure or to guarantee the existence of their biological blood. When men are in front of that kind of situation which inflicts a barricade to accomplish their goal like a woman who does not want to have sexual activity with them that will lead to sexual assault even with the ignorance of the women’s wishes. Another reason is the fact of having men densely build than women. That could facilitate men’s desires using violence. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, just 10 percent of men are the victims of sexual assault, 90 percent are women, and around 99 percent of offenders in single-victim assaults are men (BJS,.

No matter their thoughts on sexual assault, many researchers will approve that the circumstance in the United States has mushroomed into an outbreak. According to USDVA:
“A large-scale study conducted on several college campuses found that one of every five women reported that they had been raped in their lifetime” (USDVA, par 6). That statistic is so invaluable because rape and sexual assault affect victims’ life, offenders, bystanders, and people responding to the crimes through law enforcement or social service systems. In struggling with those effects, many victims either believe that the rape was their fault or do not want to qualify what happened to them as rape. As a result, they will keep their mouth closed.
Rape is about domination and control, and it is also one of the most unreported crimes. Most cases of abuse don’t get reported because victims are either scare enough to tell or sometimes feel sympathy for the offenders and don’t want them to get in trouble. Even if victims don’t realize it at first, if they don’t speak up, they are letting the offenders continue to keep power over them, control them and can increase their victim’ list. Another reason should be the fact that even if offenders get prosecuted the consequences won’t be equal to the crime committed. Of course many can argue that the society is not responsible for rape. However, a community where violence against women is a common term and victims are blamed instead of a rapist; it is evident that women are no longer safe and protected there. In reality, society forms restriction on women’s movements and behavior but there is hardly any process of counseling men, or rapist to prevent rape. Maybe women do not report to the police in order to preserve honor to the society that experience brings many adverse effects to their well-being.

Psychology effects

Sexual assault is a heartbreaking phenomenon that can have a full psychological impact on the victim. They can be short-term and can go into long-term, depending on each victim and how the rape happened. Males or females victims can have a similar psychological effect equitably. They can develop a Rape Trauma Syndrome or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (USDVA, par 17), which can be undoubtedly classified as short-term versus long-term responses. According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, “in the first few days and weeks following the assault, it is very normal for a woman to experience intense and sometimes unpredictable emotions (USDVA, par 10). She may have repeated strong memories of the event that are difficult to ignore, and nightmares are not uncommon. Women also report having difficulty concentrating and sleeping” (USDVA, par 9). After the rape, the victims tend to fall apart inside. They could start to become insensible, more often could feel a detachment from their lives, and have a sense that they are separate from the ongoing world around them.

They become petrified of their well-being, the person that has violated them, as well as anxious in their surrounding territory. That can be symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which involve repeated thoughts of the assault, memories, and nightmares, avoidance of thoughts, feelings, and situations related to the attack, unfavorable changes in thinking and emotion, and increased arousal (U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, par 16). Victims have a sense of guilt and may go from happiness to sudden sadness, or from rage to hopelessness.
While most victims may not recognize or accept that what happened to them was rape, some victims might abide in refutation for years afterward. The doubt over whether or not their experience constitutes a crime is unusually quintessential for victims of psychologically coerced rape. Their restraint to recognize that can be due to feelings of shame, embarrassment, non-uniform legal definitions, reluctance to define the friend or partner as a rapist, or because they have internalized victim-blaming attitudes.

Physical effects

There should be plenty of physical effects on victims. The physical effects could either be painful intercourse, urinary infections, uterine fibroids – non-cancerous tumors in muscle wall, pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – HIV (Healthy Place, par 2). The risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/ AIDS and others is higher, especially if the victim has been physical force used. There will be agonizing, cuts, and scarring on the inside of the vagina, which makes it easier for diseases to be transmitted. Uterine fibroids are a noncancerous maturation of the uterus that may appear during childbearing years, but they also increase the risk of uterine cancer. They can use it with or without psychotherapy.
In general, abortion could be either wrong or good judgment depending on each thought. In the case of rape-related pregnancy, it might be the only time that most people would agree with victims go through an abortion. When the victims have the baby, they may not treat the baby/child right because every time they will look at the child they might see their attacker’s face. So if the victim can’t manage or take care of the child like they should, one option can either be about putting them up for adoption or aborting the baby. Even if it can be treatable with hormone replacement therapy, the hypoactive sexual desire disorder may also be another result of the rape. It is a sexual dysfunction characterized by a lack of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity.

Attacker and Punishment

There is no specific reason why people get raped, but it happens. Sex offenders are people who have committed the crimes such as incest or forcible rape. They should have a penalty more fit for their offense.

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Andy Evans raped Melinda Sordino in the woods
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There was a case about a nineteen-year-old girl raped by a 40-year-old policeman on duty named Jackie Len Neal. The charge involves inappropriate sexual activity with someone in custody. Neal was arrested on a sexual assault charge one day after a 19-year-old young woman confirmed that a police officer raped her at a traffic stop. According to the New York Daily News, he asked the woman to step out of her vehicle after following her for a long time her around 2 a.m, several blocks from the traffic. He told the woman that her truck had been recently reported stolen. Eventually, the woman showed the officer a receipt of the purchased vehicle. Instead, the officer asked her to step out of her car to be patted down. He did not accept the charges against him. Instead of being put in prison for an active or life sentence, Neal’s case ended after he paid a certain amount. He wasn’t remorseful or anything because the repercussions for his action were mediocre. The truth about Neal’s actions are uncertain and haven’t been told, anyone. Being raped can make a change in the whole victims’ life (New York Daily News). Despite federal laws issued to combat sexual violence in school, many college women report to school officials that they are victims of sexual assault, most cases do not go any further, and the attacker is partially punished.
According to HuffPost, in one hundred cases found among 32 universities, 47 perpetrators were suspended, 30 were expulsed, and 23 received other punishments. That showed how less than one-third of students found responsible for sexual assault are expelled from their colleges (HuffPost, par 10). College can suspend them for a couple of hours, days or even a week. They will come back as regular students in school while their victims are going through various pains.


Sexual offenders commit one of the worst crimes, damaging its victim both physically and psychologically. A suitable punishment will be correct for such a horrific crime. This traumatic event can haunt someone for their entire life and causes others to lose their life and a stable mind. A harsh punishment could decrease the number of victims of offenders and give some knowledge. According to Lisa A. Paul and Matt J. Gray: “Exposing men to information about actual norms regarding sexual assault is believed to correct these misperceptions and changes in attitudes and behavior are expected to follow” ( Lisa A. Paul and Matt J. Gray, P103). Even if it can be horrible to see how offenders get cleaned from that experienced, which is something that must change, there are a couple of things a people can do to deter those occurrences such as: not walking alone at night, being around people you trust, not going to parties alone.

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