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Animal Farm: Chapter 1-10 Summary

Animal Farm Chapter 1 Summary

Mr. Jones owns a farm know as “Manor Farm. ” He is a very cruel and sickens man. He treats his animals very terrible and does the things the no farmer has done as bad. One animal at the farm named Old Major calls all the animals at the barn for a meeting. At the meeting, he discusses how terrible they are treated and how they should be treated and they should rebel against Mr. Jones.

Animal Farm Chapter 2 Summary

Three days after the meet, Old Major has died and the other animals talk about the rebellion. As they rebel against Mr. Jones, they chase him out of the farm and lock him out so he may not return. As Mr. Jones has been banished from the Manor Farm, the animals have taken over the farm and remodeled everything. They changed the name “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm,” and started “The Seven Commandments” to state that all animals are equal.

Animal Farm Chapter 3 Summary

As the animals spend their new lives running the farm, they have all assigned their own jobs so that everything would run smoothly. Since the pigs were the only ones that knew how to read and write, they started teaching the other animals how to do so.

Animal Farm Chapter 4 Summary

The news about the animal’s rebellion taking over Manor Farm as spread across half the country. When the news spread and as Mr. Jones told the other farmers about the rebellion, other farm owners started constantly watching their own animals to make sure they won’t rebel against their master as well. When the news broke out “The Battle of The Cowshed” began and a war started between the animals and the humans. After a sending a wave of attacks, the battle was over and the animals have won.

Animal Farm Chapter 5 Summary

After the battle, Mollie has turned on the animals and went to the other side to the other farm after that, nobody mentioned Mollie again. Within a few weeks, Snowball developed a plan to build a windmill for more power and less work around the farm. Everybody was astonished by the idea and all agreed to the plan until, Napoleon objected to this plan. Napoleon stated that if the animals were to work on the windmill, they would eventually starve to death. The animals noticed this and began to wonder, now half of the animals will farm and the other half will build the windmill to spilt the work so everybody wins. Soon later, Snowball has disappeared and after his disappearance, Napoleon decided to go on with Snowball’s plan of the windmill.

Animal Farm Chapter 6 Summary

Animals are working a sixty-hour week including Sunday afternoons, happy because they believe they are working for themselves
Because of construction on the windmill, some crops are not planted on time, and the harvest is not nearly as good as last year’s. Boxer gets up earlier to work harder.

The need for seeds and other supplies causes the pigs to begin trading with other farms, first selling a load of hay, but warning the hens that their eggs may have to be sold as well. Mr. Whymper serves as go-between.
Squealer assures animals no resolution had ever been made forbidding trade with humans.

Pigs move into the farmhouse and begin sleeping in the beds. The fourth commandment now says, “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.”
With the dogs’ aid and the threat of Jones’s return, Squealer convinces the animals that the rule had always referred to sheets.

When the half-built windmill blows down during a storm, Napoleon accuses Snowball of destroying it and orders the animals to begin rebuilding it.

Animal Farm Chapter 7 Summary

Always cold and usually hungry, the animals labor to rebuild the windmill over the long, hard winter. Napoleon rarely leaves the farmhouse.
Squealer makes all his announcements and informs the hens they must produce eggs to sell so that grain can be bought for the animals to eat. The rebellious hens, led by three pullets, go on strike, laying their eggs from the rafters to smash on the floor. Napoleon starves them into submission, and nine hens die before the rebellion is over.

Anything that goes wrong on the farm is blamed on Snowball. Squealer again counts on the growling dogs and Boxer’s belief that whatever Napoleon says is right. Napoleon calls a meeting in which the dogs attack the four pigs who had earlier protested Snowball’s guilt. Under pressure they confess to spying for Snowball, and the dogs quickly tear out their throats.
The hen ringleaders of the strike confess, as do several other animals, and all are promptly killed.

When the shocked animals gather together for comfort and sing “Beasts of England,” Squealer silences them and states that the song has been abolished; it is unnecessary now that the Rebellion has been achieved.
When some attempt to protest, the sheep’s bleats drown them out until discussion time has passed.

Animal Farm Chapter 8 Summary

The sixth now reads, “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.” They accept the deaths as perfectly reasonable in light of the rule.
Though the animals are working harder than ever, they wonder if they are any better off than they were under Mr. Jones, yet Squealer quotes figures that seemingly support his statements that production has increased.
Now when Napoleon appears, he is attended by the dogs and a black cockerel who marches in front and crows before Napoleon speaks.
Napoleon has his own apartment, eats from the best china, has two dogs to wait on him, and orders that the gun be fired on his birthday.
The windmill is finally finished.

Napoleon sells a stack of lumber to Frederick, who pays with counterfeit money.
Frederick and his men then attack Animal Farm. Armed with rifles, the men force the animals to flee. Only Benjamin realizes they are going to blow up the windmill. When it is destroyed the animals attack Frederick’s men, who kill several of the animals and wound the others.

After the animals chase the men off the farm, Napoleon orders that Jones’s rifle be fired in a victory celebration. The injured Boxer questions the victory, but Squealer assures him they have won back their farm and will rebuild the windmill. In celebration the animals are given extra food.

The pigs discover a case of whiskey and get very drunk. The next day a hungover Squealer announces that Napoleon is dying. When Napoleon recovers, he sends for books on brewing and distilling, and orders the field originally designated as the grazing plot for retired animals to be plowed up and planted with barley. The fifth commandment now reads “No animals shall drink alcohol to excess.”

Animal Farm Chapter 9 Summary

Although Boxer was injured in the battle, he still works as hard as ever on rebuilding the windmill. The animals are colder and hungrier than last winter, but Squealer again recites statistics to assure them that even with a “readjustment” of rations, they are still much better off than when Jones ran the farm.
Since most of the animals cannot remember what life under Jones was like, they believe him.

Thirty-one baby pigs now wear green ribbons on their tails on Sundays and are taught by Napoleon, who has plans to build a school house.
The pigs, fatter than ever, have learned to brew beer and receive a daily ration of it. Once a week the animals participate in a Spontaneous Demonstration to celebrate the struggles and triumphs of Animal Farm, which helps them forget their hunger and misery. The farm is declared a Republic and Napoleon (the only candidate) is elected President. Moses, the raven, returns with his tales of Sugarcandy Mountain and is allowed to stay.

Hard-working Boxer finally collapses. He believes he and Benjamin now will be allowed to retire; however, the wagon that comes to take him to the hospital actually belongs to the horse slaughterer. When Benjamin convinces the others of Boxer’s danger, it is too late: Boxer is too feeble to break out of the wagon on his own. Several days later Squealer announces that Boxer has died in the hospital and has been buried in town.

He reassures then animals he was there right at the end and that Boxer died saying, “Napoleon is always right.” He explains away the wagon and assures the animals a memorial banquet will be held for Boxer. On the day of the celebration, a case of whiskey is delivered to the pigs, who have somehow found money to pay for it.

Animal Farm Chapter 10 Summary

Over the years most of the animals who took part in the Rebellion have died, leaving only Clover, Benjamin, Moses, and several of the pigs. None of the animals have ever been allowed to retire. Many animals have been born who have little knowledge of the Rebellion, and those bought by the Farm have never heard of it at all.

The farm flourishes. The windmill is used to grind corn, and another is being built. The animals have been told they don’t need the hot and cold water and electric lights they thought they would have once the windmill was built. Napoleon tells them “the truest happiness… Lay in working hard and living frugally.” Even though they often suffer from hunger and cold, they never lose sight of the truth that they are members of Animal Farm, the only farm owned and run by animals.

They still hope and believe in Old Major’s Republic of the Animals when all of England will be free of mankind. Squealer takes the sheep away and teaches them a new slogan. To the horror of the other animals, the pigs begin to walk on two legs, and the sheep drown out their protests with their newly learned slogan, “Four legs good, two legs better.” There is only one commandment now: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

The pigs dress in the Jones’s clothing, and nearby farmers come for a tour of the farm. The farmers comment favorably on the fact that the animals work longer hours and are fed less than their own animals.

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Napoleon announces that he is abolishing several practices at the farm such as the use of the “Comrade,” Sunday marches, and the horn and hoof symbols on the flag.

The farm will resume its original name-The Manor Farm.
As the animals peep in the farmhouse windows, to their amazement they can no longer tell who are the pigs and who are the humans.

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