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Apple Inc Business Plan

Company’s Mission

Apple Inc. Company is generally dedicated to protecting the environment, safety and health of the workers, customers and the communities in the world where everyone operates. The Company has recognized that through integrating sound environmental practices, practices of safety and health management into every aspect of their business, they can then offer products and services which are technologically innovative while at the same time enhancing and conservating resources even for the generations in future. The company strives for improvement continuously throughout the environment, systems of management in health and safety and also in the products environmental quality, services and processes.

What is Working Well and What is Not

It is known worldwide that Apple Inc. is one of the major recognized Companies that have been very successful in technological ventures thus making it easy for man to communicate, work and also manufacture. The Company however faces technological challenge, leadership challenge and competition challenge. The Company’s endeavors in technology have mostly been very successful thus turning out as an international brand with competitors such as Samsung and LG. What has worked so well regarding the Company is the Technology Leadership. The Company which was started by Steve jobs has thus received effective and efficient technological leadership since its foundation and this has seen to its success globally in providing highly qualified and current technology solutions for companies, schools and other institutions and also for individuals. The Company’s financial success has been to the rise since its foundation and up to now they seem to be doing better in the current technological market.
Charismatic Leadership is another aspect that has taken over the Apple Inc. Company seeing to its success. The Company has so far been having charismatic and well informed leaders who have been good to their employees. Apart from sharing their knowledge with their employees, the leaders have also been encouraging the employee’s ideas on innovation and technology improvement thus the success of being update with the technology and introducing new and adaptable technological ideas which have helped turn the globe into a village of investment. Brand Image is also working very well with Apple Inc. The products of apple Inc are recognized of high and classy status worldwide and everyone associated with the products is considered of the upper class and sophisticated too. The products have been priced highly also and this has made it quite difficult for middle level and lower level employees to afford the products.

High prices have been a great obstacle that has proved not tow work well with Apple Inc products towards the efforts to acquire a large market share. Most of the Company’s products are highly prices as stated above and this only associates the product with upper class level individuals and companies or institutions. In order for Apple Inc. to acquire a larger market share and combat the Stiff Competition which proves to be another strategy not working very well, the company requires to introduce affordable and flexible products in the market. The competitor companies have been able to acquire a larger market share and penetrate deeper in the market due to introduction of affordable products which are within easy reach to lower level and middle level individuals mostly in the developing countries.

Management Strategies

Market Segmentation: This is a part of management strategy that has enabled Apple Inc. to increase its market share for its products in different sections of the market. Currently the Company has been penetrating deeper into the market through various marketing efforts which have been achieved by the leaders of the company increasing publicity of their products, increasing the numbers of their sales people, use of agents, increasing campaign funding and others. Studying of the market has also been a great success and it has enabled Apple Inc to get the knowledge on the similar products which have saturated the market and acquiring the knowledge on whether the consumers are likely to use the same products again.

Market Development: When a business goes ahead and offers their services and products in a different market that it is not serving, then its called market development. Apple Inc. is a Company that has been known to currently implement new market development strategies in the global market through product licensing where it can be used by other entities and joint ventures with other organizations. These aspects of marketing have enabled the Company to acquire larger market share and increase its profit margins further. They are also aspects which have enabled the company hold its fears on the competitors and in the long run pause as a threat towards the competitors.

Product Development: Product development is more focused on improving the Apple Inc. products and services as well. This has lead to greater and increased sales for the company and deeper penetration into new markets. A lot and intense work research is carried out by specialists and leaders of the company in order to come up with new technological devices that help the world to become an easy place to leave and work thus enabling mankind to do less manually. The Company out of research and development has been able to deliver incredible devices mostly in terms of iPods, iphones and computers. The Company has also been able to introduce the most convenient computers that are portable in any dimension making it easy to do business anywhere in the world.

Organization Structure

Apple Inc organizational structure is termed to be quite simple and very flexible. The company has avoided a very long organizational strategy and instead used a limited one which is said to have a great advantage since the leaders are well in contact with the employees and they are able to acquire creative and innovative ideas from them to improve on the company’s success.The Organizational structure is as follows:
C.E.O Senior Vice Presidents(CFO, COO, Operations, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, ios Software, Worldwide Product Marketing, Industrial design, Retail Counsel.

Organizational Theory

Administrative theory is an example of the organizational theory that can be applied in Apple Inc. The theory is mainly aimed at understanding the structure within the organization. The theory was founded by Henry Fayol based on various management principles and it is said to be of great benefit towards the managers in the way the lead organizations. This theory can successfully enable Apple Inc to improve on its endeavors in the market and acquire greater success compared to its competitors such as LG and Samsung.Importance of Strategies.

The above mentioned strategies in management have enabled Apple Inc. to deliver high quality products in the international and domestic market as well. This has enhanced the company’s image globally thus creating a good name for the Company. The strategies also enable the company to acquire a larger market share by penetrating deeper into the market and attracting more clients effectively. Management strategies are said to be the key to proper leadership. With Steve Job recognized as the most effective and talented leaders of his times, it is evident that he is the pillar behind the success of Apple Inc. This can be clearly mentioned through comparing the previous leaders who came after him and the kind of leadership they provided the company with in most cases almost leading to its downfall. Therefore, management strategies are also very essential in delivering proper and successful leadership towards a Company’s success

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Executive Summary

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies worldwide producing technological devices and software’s. Management change is an essential aspect that needs to be practiced in the Company mostly to allow diversity. The Company is always under the same leader for a very long period and this might result to limited innovation strategies. Change in management is essential since it breaks the monotony and helps to entertain new ideas in the company that lead to greater innovativeness. It will also help ensuring that changes are implemented successfully and smoothly thus acquiring lasting change benefits in the business. The constant globalization and technology innovation has led to evolved business environment constantly. New technology changes have faced Apple Inc for the past five years thus triggering more efforts for the company to apply strategies that call for the adaption of the changes for the satisfaction of its customers. This has forced the company to also apply effective leadership skills that will help keep up with the current technological changes and combat the stiff competition from other companies producing similar items.


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