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Boys Who Like Boys by Vicente Groyon III

From the title itself, the story “Boys Who Like Boys” by Vicente Groyon III is about how a full-grown man started to feel something special for another man. It all started when a boy just wanted to go out for a movie just to enjoy his self because he had nothing to do at home. So, the boy went to a nearest theater and bought him his food and enjoy the movie. Even though the movie was far from his preference, he still decided to buy a ticket and went inside. And luckily, he found a good spot and started to relax and close his eyes since he was not interested with the movie in the first place. When he woke up, hadn’t realized how long he had asleep, something had happened which put the other people in the theater emotional but still he hadn’t tried to figure it out.

During his moment in the theater, he felt something tickling his knee. At first, he just ignored it because probably the man beside him didn’t do it intentionally. But the fingers ran through his thighs intentionally. He felt so uneasy. There was really something wrong. So, he decided to go out and had a look with the man but he failed to see his face because it was dark. But the man he was avoiding was following him was trying to get his attention and talk to him. He was just ignoring him and continue walking. The man was just trying to talk to him or might as well hang out him and talk to his friends also.

While reading the latest Interview, a trendy lifestyle magazine where it talks so much about people should wear, something crossed his mind that he wanted to escape from this world of perfection. He wanted to be in a world where he can express the real him. Turning one page to another, he had seen a body full of perfection from head to toe. And then he tried to see his naked reflection in the mirror and start comparing it the body image in the magazine. And he was thinking of copying and working on what he had seen in the magazine.

He was waiting for the girl in the cubicle for the massage service. He took off your clothes and sit and trying also to listen the sound from the other cubicles and that time he was nervous because he was a virgin. He was with his friends and were talking about vitality, about what to do and everything. It was his first-time using condom and was shy about it. It was his time having sex with a girl. He celebrated this with his friends at the disco bar. Drinks were everywhere and he made new friends that time.

He was in his friend’s house watching a video-an action film. And one of his friends was so high and was protesting that he has a video tape he really wanted to watch. They watched it. They came up with the scene that a male character came across the other male character and kissed him and made love with each other. That was so gross. Everybody was feeling uneasy. One said that they’ve watched a trash movie. But one of his friends insisted that it was just a part of the story. Everyone left and played but you other friend didn’t and just continued having fun watching the movie.

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One time he was in the house of one of their guy classmates to finish some report. He was not lazy and he found it better to work with guys than girls. He was tired that time but still had a trouble falling asleep. He just lied down on bed but a familiar touch seemed moving up his thighs. He was certain that he knew those touches very well. He was feeling aroused and didn’t know how to control the sensation. He was afraid to give in because he knew that it was wrong. While doubts came crossing his mind, the guy’s hand started to run through his shorts. His guy friend called him and asked him if he was still awake but he didn’t respond and just pretending he was asleep and held his breath. He just let his friend do whatever he wanted and just keep on pretending he doesn’t know anything about it until he was done. The next day he started avoiding him. He didn’t like making eye contact with. He surrounded his self with girls and never talked to him anymore until four years had passed since their last conversation. He started like what he is up to without realizing that he slowly like him already. When he thought about his girlfriend, flashes were different when he thought about him. Everything had changed for real.

This story is very timely today. We are starting to accept LGBTs in our community. I am not against with a man loving another man. Its just that I am really in to a man having sex or making love with another man because that’s another story. But as far as the first person in the story is concerned. I was not really happy with his reaction after what had happened. He should have asked the guy or confront him about what happened in their house. The other guy is still human. He will be offended and upset. But in the end, their relationship ended up well. We can’t choose whom we wanted to love. So I am still happy for both of them.

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