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Community health problems in town Sentinel City

For this paper I will be focusing on community health problems in a simulated town Sentinel City many influencing factors are present in this urban city it has a predominantly white population but diversity is ever-present Major community health concerns are present the main focus of this paper will to bring to life both positive and negative factors influencing the city the main part of this paper will then focus on the number one community health problem I identified while visiting the city which was the rise of certain sexually transmitted diseases focusing on all populations but specifically 24h Group which STDs are on this rise in this community I will be taking special interest in a sexually transmitted diseases have gonorrhea and chlamydia which are the highest percentage of STDs found in the city also to know there has been a national increase up to 8% and 5% respectively 1% respectively of these two specific STDs CDC 2015 this is another reason I find this of such an important issue for the city assessment of needs and risks the needs and risk assessment was performed by a bus and walking.

I was able to find pertinent information at several places in town. The demographics assessment Community. The neighborhood safety inventory section, help me to identify current resources impossible needs that are present in this city. The windshield survey was the most beneficial section to actually get in the city and take time to look around and see problems they said he was facing for myself. Finally, the population Health Scavenger hunt helped for me to identify local services and programs that are currently in place.

Neighborhood community safety inventory. Safety hazards that were identified included food safety violations are on the rise in the previous year. Pollution is also in a parent problem, what indication of this is the fact that the number one cause of emergency room visits has been cough semicolon air pollution is noted in several areas of the city. Several areas also have many buildings that are in the spare and not being tended to, this is most notably seen in the industrial Heights and Casper District neighborhoods. Stray dogs and cats are noted throughout the city which could be causing the increase in dog bites noted in industrial Heights. Several areas on ongoing construction were noted also around the city which could be a potential safety concern, if the areas are not well supervised. Trash along many storefronts was also present. This does not help the safety of the citizens or animals in the prevention of disease forming microorganisms. Graffiti present in buildings and all areas of the city also indicate presence of gang activity. The most prevalent drug used noted in a city is that of marijuana, which is noted by the current rate of arrest for this, which is 23%. Controlled substance arrest come in at 16%.

EMS response times are also another major safety concern for the town. Overall, which is better than the 3 comparison cities however the increase in v-fib patients and response time of EMS has been on the decline. For the crime rate of the city, the most common arrest are for warrants, drug related charges, and Battery. It does not appear of violent crimes have been on a decrease in the past year. As noted above however gang violence is present in the city. Most notable is the gang activity involving simple assault, robberies, homicide, and aggravated assault. Aggravated assault did show a decrease in the past year, but the number of offenses for man’s comparably hi. Windshield survey during my visit through the town of Central City via bus and getting out frequently walking, many observations on the town were made. What major indicator of the town is it’s presentation, the more prosperous areas of town such as Nightingale square and Acer tech center, the buildings appear to be in much better shape than the other two neighborhood. More citizens are know that out and about socializing at local cafes. These areas do have memo graffiti in some areas of trash present. For the most part however, the areas of town are maintained much better than the other to lower-income Neighborhood. Several apartment buildings and condo buildings are present. No Suburban areas with yards and houses noted in any of the neighborhoods. All areas are mainly Concrete and brick buildings. The small grass noted at the school yard and at one of the apartment complexes is in Casper Park District. This area however does not appear to be well maintained. The building is in the spare and the grass appears High not much in the way of neighborhood Pride noted, especially in the neighborhood dustrial Heights and Casper Park District.

Throughout this very urban city, the buildings and apartments all appear to be right on top of each other. No yard speak of are present. The most notable boundaries of the city are noted by the ever-increasing decline noted in the buildings in the environment. Economic factors most certainly divided the neighborhoods in the city. During my visit to the city it appears most children were playing at school and as far as adult activity, few common areas were noted. It appears one area of socialization curse at the local cafe in the answer Tech Center. More socialization was also present in the Nightingale Square, most notably at the tennis court Park area. In this area musicians and Douglas were also noted outside of the shopping areas, people were noted gathered around watching. It appears these areas are available to everyone, but it appears more business people are present. In other neighborhoods, no large groups of people were noted to be gathered. Several couples were noted walking around the streets of a sitting park benches that were scattered throughout the neighborhoods. The three main transportation’s that were noted during my visit were by car bus bike and walking. The neighborhoods of Nightingale square and Acer Tech center, many cars were noted in the community also many people were walking period in the areas of Casper district and Industrial Heights, cars were present but not as many. These cars also did not appear to be as new as the ones in the previous neighborhoods. Many people were present at the bus stops, waiting for the next bus. A few citizens were present on bicycles, and again many were walking in these neighborhoods also. 1 gas station was present in the middle of town. No major highways or railroads noted. Several areas were under construction and some Rose and alleys appear to be in need of resurfacing, ask her sign. This is also the main budget for the Department of Transportation in the city. This town appears to have a wide array of doctors Dennis inpatient and outpatient services. Most are present in the Acer tech center, with the health clinic noted in the industrial Heights neighborhood also. Area seem busy with patients and staff entering and exiting the building.

There are also Parks present. One located at the school multiple children were out and playing at the time of my visit. Another is located in the Nightingale Square, basketball tennis courts were both and use on my visit. the city also has several Services it offers for parks and recreations, such as an after-school program, swimming lessons, kids summer programs and more. Other service agencies has an in town are WIC, snap, an adult and children Protective Services. It is noted that the adoption assistance is on the rise daycare centers are also provided at some work places, and home, and facility centers. These are mainly for profit daycares. The city also provide several Senior Services. Several grocery stores and markets are present in town. And I’m not no Square the main grocery store is Joe’s grocery, the store seem busy with many people entering and exiting. In Acer Tech center a farmers market is present. Convenience stores were present in both neighborhoods. Several restaurants and food vendors are noted throughout the city several shopping centers and sores are also present. Most are located in Nightingale square and Acer tech center. There is also a soup kitchen through the local church that is open, this mainly feeds the homeless population. The town has many people out and about during my time a visit. People are gathering outside the local cafes and on several benches throughout the town. People are walking on sidewalks, Buy stores and shops. Several bike riders are present. Most are in the Acer tech center area however several people are noted waiting on buses at bus stops throughout the city. Police officers are a presence in every neighborhood, patrolling streets as well as in their vehicles. Protesters also present in front of City Hall. Several children out on their way to school a crossing guard is also present. Many people were lined up for the soup kitchen on my visit people are out walking their dogs. Several stray animals are present throughout the city. This town has me signs of vibrancy an improvement. Areas of construction of present and attempt to approve certain living conditions in industrial Heights neighborhood. People are out and about visiting local vendors and shops.

There is also an art gallery present in the city, which shows signs of cultural expression. Historic City hotel is present in the Acer tech center area. People are out and utilizing the parks and recreations offered by the city. Protesters are also present in the city hall area, fighting tax on the poor. However there are several areas throughout the entire city where trash is scattered, stray animals are loose, and several abandoned buildings are present, or at least appear to be. Most positions appear to be a Caucasian descent as stated earlier, there are some Hispanic and black citizens out during my visit, but the majority of the citizens that I have seen are white. Several restaurants throughout the city offer a variety of ethnic choices however most of the signs that I saw were in English however there are some signs instead Nish present especially in the industrial Heights neighborhood. Again only one church was noted on my visit and appear to be at church of all face. The church also offers it’s soup kitchen Daly. As far as the health of the community it seems respiratory issues are high, as well as the presence of STDs. Pain and costs are also High emergency room visit reasons. General surgery and orthopedic surgery are most common in this community. Alcohol and tobacco use are high in the city, roughly half admit to one or the other. It is also noted from the pharmacy information that there is a prevalence of high cholesterol, hypertension, cardiac artery disease, and diabetes present in the city. The emergency room and most offices are located are located in the Acer tech center which is Midway in the city and then there is a health clinic in the industrial Heights area. I feel these are both very accessible and travel time to either would be minimal.

This city also offers many media resources, cell phone towers, and satellite dishes are present. Several bookstores and magazine stores are present throughout certain areas. Appliance stores are also noted in the city. Again several coffee shops, food vendors and cafes and restaurants are present throughout the town, some may say in excess. liquor stores in convenience stores that sell liquor were also present. Billboards that were present were all positive message such as getting vaccinated, don’t text and drive, and to recycle to name a few. Population Health scavenger hunt parks and Recreation offers after school programs, City swimming lessons, nutritional courses, Garden courses, City sport leagues, adult Fitness course, kids summer program. Healthcare System Elder service Senior Transport government entitlement assistance, Meals on Wheels, community centers, service animals, Elder Abuse Prevention Services, and medical advocates. living options for the elderly include individual senior apartments, Senior living center, and nursing homes. City Hall Social Services, police, Fire, EMS, Social Service i e WIC and snap, water and sanitation services, animal control services. Community Health Center contraceptive Services, pregnancy testing, achieving pregnancy, basic and fertility Services, preconception Services, STD Services, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and other preventive health screening services. Soup kitchen mainly serves the homeless population, serves an average of 40000 bills a month. Main resource commodity is supplement food program. Affording housing project located in Casper Park District, mainly I can see is two bedroom which is occupied at 45% currently. Also offer studio apartments and one bedroom apartments average income is 33000.

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Community health problems in town Sentinel City
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Main complaint is Factory smoke. Recent studies show crime rates in the neighborhood is decreasing. Analysis of collected data my interpretation of this town is one of the increasing diversity and Improvement projects. There has been an increase in crime and gang activity in the recent years but as shown on figures these are being combated with awareness programs and increased police presence. also teen pregnancy had been on the rise in previous years but seems to now be on the decline in this past year. STDs seem to be a major health concern for this community also, especially in 15 to 24 age groups. There seems to be a significant rise in gonorrhea and chlamydia diagnosis this past year for this city, which is also a current Trend nationally CDC 2015. I feel pollution is another Factor facing this community, which needs more to be done to address this issue. Construction improvements must also be finished for the growing city. There is also a significant economic difference present in the community, which is I feel present in most communities. Top three problems in Centennial City are the high percentage of STDs, pollution that is present and affecting the quality of air, and thirdly the high number of rest or diagnosis and complaints which in my opinion May coincide with the pollution problem facing the city. Top three health concerns or problems in the relation to the healthy people 2020 goals STD infection rates rise in Centennial City in all over the nation, healthy people 2020 have established this as their goal, quote promote healthy sexual behaviors, strengthen Community capacity, and increase access to quality services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and their complications quote office of disease prevention and health promotion OD PHP, 2016.

My next top concern would be the pollution present in the city. Again it is a problem both nationally and globally healthy people 2020 also have goals for this problem under the category of environmental health semicolon their overall goal is to promote health for all by promoting a healthy environment, one focus of this goal outdoor air quality parentheses o o d PHP, 2016 parentheses. Another problem facing Sentinel city is the increase of respiratory diseases diagnosed in the past year. This problem is also address in relation to healthy people 2020. They again state that their goal is to obtain better respiratory Health through education, prevention, detection, and treatment parentheses of the PHP, 2016 parentheses.

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