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Essay on Superheroes


Superheroes are characters that have superhuman mental and physical capabilities which surpass normal humans’. Superheroes usually use their extraordinary power to quell evil and defend the powerless in the society. These super characters are common in fictional narratives and movies in which they emerge as the heroes against the villains. In such settings, superheroes are the main characters. Common superheroes in movies include Superman, Batman and the Spiderman. This writer takes Superman as his hero in life, owing to the character’s depiction of power and strong moral beliefs evident in his activities in the movie “Superman”. Towards this end, this writer argues that the aforementioned superhero has good characteristics which make him a desirable character.

The Superman

As depicted in the picture (Figure 1), Superman has many capabilities, including flying and moving with extremely high speed, heat vision, ability to see through all matter except lead and a golden, and an unyielding heart (Superhero Hype 2013; Comic Vine 2013). The picture depicts the superhero flying in space in a mission to save powerless victims. His fast speed and strength enable him to move to places where he help is needed. Despite many challenges that the superhero faces, such as magic powers, he refuses to give up and must accomplish his mission of saving the Earth. Through his actions and words, Superman embodies humanity at its best, having an innately strong desire to do well despite an array of challenges (What Culture 2013). His superpowers notwithstanding, Superman has impressive morals including compassion, selflessness, and a desire to do the right things (What Culture 2013). The good traits can be attributed to the superheroes’ upbringing by Jonathan and Martha Kent (Comic Vines 2013). These are good traits that people can learn from and practice. Superman seems to tell people that no matter how much power one wields, they have a duty to do good and remain compassionate and attached to the less empowered populace, always doing good to the people. The foregoing traits make Superman the writer’s superhero in life.

Other Superheroes

Other renowned superheroes include the Spiderman, Spiderman and Batman. Like Superman, these three superheroes have extraordinary powers which they use to defend other meek people and save the world. Bruce Banner is a gentleman scientist who, when angry, transforms into a monstrous, exceedingly powerful creature, capable of moving with unimaginable speed and leap (Comic Vine 2013). His beastly looks notwithstanding, Hulk is a great superhero, using his limitless power to defend the powerless people who ironically hate him (Comic Vine 2013). The fact that this monstrous being is good enough to protect his haters from the real enemies embodies a rare trait that people can learn from. Needless to say, this is Hulk’s mark of super heroism, the ability to use his power not do harm innocent people, but to protect them from the real, ill-meaning monsters in the universe, and so without considering that the same individuals he purposes to save actually hate him (Comic Vine 2013).

On his part, Spiderman possesses great, virtually limitless power, far beyond normal human beings. However, he acknowledges that having more power means more responsibility (Comic Vine 2013). Suitably, Spiderman uses his great power to protect the innocent against bad characters who are bent on hurting them. The most notable trait about this superhero is perhaps his ability to keep on fighting for good, despite a myriad of tragedies that come his way (Comic Vine 2013). This unrelenting desire to do good once and again, picking himself up when he falls, make for admirable traits from which humankind can learn a lot. This undeniably makes him a superhero with which normal humans can identify and actually learn from.

Batman is yet another iconic superhero seen in cartoons and movies. The most outstanding fact about the Batman in movies is his unyielding determination to fight crime in the society (Comic Vine 2013). He understands that he is in possession of great power, which he purposes to use to fight criminals in the Gotham City (Comic Vine 2013). More desirably, Batman works by a moral code which drives him to fight bad characters and leave the society a better place. Despite many setbacks, the character never gives up. He is determined to fight crime and nothing will stop him from achieving what he has set his eyes on. Like Spiderman, watching this superhero makes one learn the wisdom of anyone being capable of achieving anything they want, as long as they are determined to achieve it. Batman’s heroic character is augmented by his innate contradictions which, interestingly, he overcomes in pursuit of his goals of quelling criminality in Gotham City (Comic Vine 2013). This coupled with his notable moral code which he measures himself against, rounds up Batman as a desirable superhero from whom much can be learnt.

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This writer picks Superman as his superhero in his life, primarily due to the manner in which the iconic character uses his almost limitless power to protect the innocent people in the universe as he endeavors to save the Earth. Other superheroes that can be likened to Spiderman include Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk, who, like the writer’s superhero, are determined to achieve their goals of protecting the Earth’s less empowered populace, while at the same showing admirable moral values.

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