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Ethnography Research Paper

Music, as an art, is an inter-human activity of enormous complexity, that the idea of analyzing or even defining music might appear off-putting. This can be said in light of the fact that the emotional experiences from music vary from individual to individual. For some, music is a fantastic way to escape reality, and to others, it is a way of life. However, the understanding of the various cultural identity created by music can better be understood with the subjection of music, specifically music artists or groups, to an ethnographic study.

This paper presents an ethnographic research on a Los Angeles based pop group formed in 2008 known as Paradise. Emphasis is placed on how the musical group Paradise has created a unique identity within the Los Angeles indie-rock music scene through the group’s indigenous ways of ordering and interpreting music in light of three themes; clever music making, marketing strategies, and teamwork. The fieldwork this research refers to was done between the months of October to December 2011. The group was studied through interviews, questionnaires, and participant observation at various locations within Los Angeles County such as rehearsal sessions in Valencia, recording studios in Hollywood, and hangouts in Val Verde.

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Ethnography Research Paper
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Paradise band consists of five members: Nick Javier (drums), Nicholas Madison (guitar), Chris Baaske (keyboards), Jordan Dominguez (bass), and Elijah Garcia (vocals). Their previously released E.P’s “Sleepy P and the Rugrats” (2009) and “Kissing Leads to Touching” (2010) cemented their musical talent as an instrumental band.

Their newest E.P. “Cold Gold”, Paradise introduced vocally driven songs yet staying true to their structured arrangements. The group is increasingly gaining prominence owing to their catchy vocal melodies, smooth guitar rhythms, hot bass lines, funky synths, and tasteful drums. Currently, the band is writing and recording a new album that is expected to release January 2012.

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