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Family Nursing Care Plan on Hypertension

Inability to make decisions with respect to taking appropriate health action due to:

a. failure to comprehend the magnitude of the condition

b. Inaccessibility of appropriate resources for care, specifically physical inaccessibility

Goal: The family will be able to verbalize the nursing care management for hypertension

Short-Term Goals: Within 3 days of nursing interventions and health education, the family will be able to:

a. Determine risk factors that contribute to hypertension such as age, lifestyle, family history, dietary intake and obesity

b. Incorporate low-sodium and low-fat foods into diet

c. Acquire information on alternative measures in treating high blood pressure through herbal medications

d. Verbalize preventive measures of the disease condition such as healthy diet and exercise

After 6 days of home visitation and health teaching, the family will be able to:

a. Acquire adequate information about the condition as manifested by verbalization of

b. Reduce blood pressure readings to less than 150 systolic and 90 diastolic

c. Develop a plan for regular exercise and physical activity

d. Maintain proper nutrition for reducing hypertension as evidenced by avoidance of salty and fatty foods

e. Utilize community resources that are openly available in helping to resolve the condition experienced as evidenced by going to health center for regular check-up

Method of contact:

Home Visit Proposed Actions:

  1. Discuss the nature, signs, symptoms and complications that might arise due to hypertension
  2. Explain hypertension and its effects in the heart, blood vessels and other body organs.
  3. Discuss with the family the risk factors of hypertension such as family history, age, salt and alcohol intake and obesity.
  4. Instruct in promoting a healthy lifestyle through reducing foods high in salt, fat and cholesterol
  5. Encourage frequent physical activity and leg exercises
  6. Stress importance of avoiding smoking and intake of alcohol, as well as eliminate intake of caffeine like tea, coffee, cola and chocolates
  7. Encourage check-ups and provide referral with a medical practitioner to lessen hypertension and modify risk-factors.
  8. Teach on different stress-reducing techniques such as rest, deep breathing exercises and various divertional therapies like listening to radio, reading newspapers, listening to music, etc.
  9. Provide information regarding community resources in health management and immediate care assistance

Method of Teaching:

  • One-to-one lecture discussion
  • Manpower Resources
  • Herbal medicines and plants
  • Financial Resources
  • Time and effort of the family

Goal fully met if the family is able to:

a. Verbalize understanding of the condition, its risk factors, signs and symptoms and effects to health

b. Have good and healthy nutrition as evidenced by reduced intake of fat and salty foods

c. Have healthy lifestyle as evidenced by regular exercise and avoidance of smoking and alcohol

d. Utilize health centers within the vicinity for care assistance

Goal partially met if the family is able to verbalize understanding of the condition but do not modify diet to low-salt/low-fat; do not plan for a regular exercise; do not utilize community resources for care and health management

Goal not met if the family do not take any necessary actions to treat condition and prevent complications

Material Resources:

a. Visual aids and low-cost materials needed for demonstration and teaching

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Family Nursing Care Plan on Hypertension
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b. Pamphlets to be given to the client/family for their own copy

c. Time and effort on the part of the student nurse and family

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