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Spiritual Autobiography Essay

Certain aspects in my life have molded my spirituality. The bible in the book of Proverbs Chapter twenty-seven verse number seventeen elaborates that iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17).In essence, the interaction with my grandmother in life has given me a new attitude towards people in the society. My grandmother has imparted her compassion and humility in my life. The faith that I have has been influenced by my physical and mental well-being. Currently I am pursuing my nursing degree at a private Catholic university. My personal growth and accomplishments gives me hope and aspiration amidst a horrible past in my childhood. I am a young woman who is intellectual and poses elements that have changed my spiritual experience. Once I complete my college education, I would be able to utilize my talent fully since it connects well with my spirituality.

My faith has shaped my character courtesy of my childhood epitomized experiences. I have experienced miraculous encounters that have spiritual impacts for me. I can attest a clear connection amidst the connection of science and faith and how each supports the other. I can talk to God through prayer that I always do intermittently. I have the capacity to understand the role of Jesus Christ as our deliverer in life attributions; this gives me deeper meaning and gustatory sensation as a sojourner in this life. My relationship with the Lord gives me hope in uncertain world.
I have encountered trials and temptations that have pushed me towards the brink. Numerous times, I have wondered why God would permit difficulties and challenges to come to my path. In essence, God had permitted many issues to disentangle me especially when the events and the circumstances affect my life and the people surrounding me. In retrospect, I have identified my gift of taking care of people and this connects well with my spirituality.

My journey through life in a spiritual context as I can recall began at the tender age. Initially, my parents were raised Baptist and were committed Christians. I did not attend Sunday school’s as my peers did in my childhood. Religion did not bother me at all. As I was growing, I could attend the services sporadically, and I gained some knowledge in making a prayer and learning some basic Christianity concepts as well.

My parents were instrumental in the practice of prayer and bible reading in the impending difficult situations. I witnessed the vagaries of fate at the age when my father went to prison. My mother became the main source of income of the family and had to put extra effort to meet that daunting task. I experienced a tough childhood in the absence of my father, for I suffered immensely.
The few times I attended the Baptist Church I had that the Lord Jesus was compassionate towards the people in the society. I often wondered why God could foresee my suffering and fail to overturn the situation. The problems in my family troubled me a lot.

My grandmother, Nana taught me good morals and values she has inspired me a lot. She has a lot of relevance in my life. Nana was a humble person who with the assistance of my mother partook in raising me. I can recall her saying her prayers at her bedside at night and mentioning the needs of the family. The few times I attended Church was through her effort. Nana’s religious beliefs and practices influenced me a lot. She always cautioned me to accept life’s challenges and talking to God through prayer since God is there for all. Nana took care of people in the community, and this changed my attitude a lot. She had passion for assisting and caring for the needy and the impoverished in the neighborhood.

During my sophomore year in high school, I decided to move in with my boyfriend. This is because of the turn of events after my father was sent to prison. My mother remarried, and my step dad was abusive in this case, I was forced to move out. We lived sinful lives with my boyfriend. Our relationship was that of cohabitation since it was out of wedlock. We could smoke pot before attending mass with my boyfriend.

I had the opportunity to introduce my grandmother to the family, and they gained an acquaintance with my boyfriend’s grandmother. My grandmother had no problem attending the Catholic Church with the family and this made me change my mind. I can summon up my mother stating that she had attended Catholic Church previously before they moved in this neighborhood. This gave me a change of mind, as this gave me an opportunity to attend the Catholic Church for the first time. The liturgy was very different from the practice of Baptist Church.

After attending Catholic Church a couple of times, I thought of quitting. The mother of my boyfriend employed tact to ensure everyone attended mass. It was her duty to prepare dinner and anyone who partook the meal had to attend the Sunday mass with her. This being the case, case, I did attend mass alongside my two grandmothers and boyfriend.

After my completion of high school, Nana influenced me to become a nurse and Start College since nothing of the sort was on my mind. As a nurse, I would follow her example of taking care of people by attending to their needs. As Nana advanced in her years, I took upon myself to assist her and give care just as she had done during her heydays.
Nana passed on when I was a teenager. This was before I was enrolled for college to study nursing. Prior to her death, she had bypass surgery and lung cancer. In her hey days she has been instrumental to teach me and that is the reason I have passion for helping people.

The contemporary world misuses the religion. Currently people are religious in that they follow the church rituals but it does not rhyme in their spirituality. An obsession of Pentecostal churches attracts large masses while the street urchins and impoverished have nobody to turn to and meet their needs. People are in a vicious cycle of sinning and repenting thinking it will transform their lives.
Some people are unfortunate since they use unconventional method to fulfill the things they are missing in life. These kinds of people do attend the church and are involved in the ongoing activities. They do this to get a warm feeling from the church. In reality, people should tackle issues about our life as opposed to seeking the warm feeling that a church gives. Personally, I ensure I say a pray every night before I go to bed. I attend mass occasionally, since it affects me in a powerful way. This is because I am at a point in my life where giving back makes me happy and for this, I rejoice.
The gospel according to Saint James chapter one verses twenty-seven mentions something concerning a pure religion that the Lord seeks from all the creation (James 1:27). The only pure religion is taking care of the sick and the orphans to alleviate them from suffering. Looking at it in this light, it is worth concluding that, my grandmother practiced true religion, and she influences me a lot. I do not have to attend the religious liturgy; I can take care of my father who recently had a liver transplant or any other person for that matter.

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Spiritual Autobiography Essay
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My life struggles and tribulations have molded me into a strong and appreciative woman. My task ahead of me is impact the community in a positive way. I have learned a valuable lesson and I am sure I can make the effort to make people happy.
I am currently pursuing my nursing degree and I intermittently attend Catholic Church. Currently, I am living with my mother whom I joyfully assist her to take care of her husband who recently had liver transplant.


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