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Friend Classification

Friend Classification Having friends is an important part of life. It is friends that I share everything with. There are many types of people in the world and many types of friends. Knowing that, it becomes all the more important to select the right people so that I might have the correct friends. A friend is somebody that will always be there for me. I always have a great bunch of friends but sometimes some people are more of a friend then others. I have my general acquaintance friends and then I have my best friends.

What is the difference between a best friend and a general acquaintances friend? A best friend is a person that I know well and regard with affection and trust. My best friend knows me better than anyone, definitely better than my parents, and sometimes better than I know myself. For best friends there is a feeling, and an emotion for every event shared together: a feeling of love, a feeling of happiness and a feeling of remorse; a feeling of laughter, and a feeling of tears. My best friend has seen me at my worst, and helped me be my best.

My best friend will always tell me that I look good, even on my worst days. My best friend is someone with whom I’ve shared my most intimate secrets with, and laughed the loudest. I’ve already made plans to name one of my children after her, in hopes that my next of one is a girl. And although we may grow apart and not talk to each other as much, it is safe to say that true best friends are the ones you have for life. My best friend always understands me, or at least pretends to, and she is always willing to listen to my opinions and never criticizes them, even if they are a little weird.

We have a secret language with special codes that no one would ever be able to crack. She was with me and held my hand when I got my belly button pierced and she was there with me when my dad threatened to rip it out. She comes to all my family functions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter and makes fun of my strange great-aunts with me. When we go through these emotions together, we learn and grow from them and become closer than ever before. A general acquaintance friend is just simply an acquaintance.

This means that I basically only know their name. I might not even remember what they look like if I go away for a short vacation. Usually, I meet these types of friends in school, at work, on the bus, in the gym, or anywhere else I might be. I normally would not mind having a cup of coffee with them, but if anything else came up, I usually would have no problem parting company. I normally don’t miss them when they are elsewhere. It is also this type of friends who give me the most amount of aggravation.

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Friend Classification
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Since most of the time I am placed in a position where you have to act friendly, such as school or work, I would not normally tell an acquaintance when he or she is doing something aggravating, such as tapping the fingers a table or chewing gum loudly. This is why I call them “pest friends. A general acquaintance friend is not someone I would ever really consider hanging out with a lot or getting to know more than I have to. Human survival is based on some kind of friendship. From the highest authority to the lowest bums living on the streets all of us have experienced in some way or the other one of these different kinds of friendships.

I take this friendship for granted because it is something that exists naturally in society and I never really have to actually go out into the world looking for a friend. My personal realization came when I had to start life in a new city, in different surroundings. The feeling of loneliness I had was enough to drive a person to near madness. So in conclusion what I’m trying to say is that we cannot thrive successfully as individuals or as a society without having some form of friendship with other individuals rather it be general acquaintance friends or best friends.

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