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Good Essay About Nursing School Entrance

My name is *edited* and I am applying for acceptance into the nursing program. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and came to the United States when I was seven years old. Since I was a child, I have taken pride in saying, “I’m going to be a nurse.” For me, it is more than a profession. It is an opportunity to show my integrity and compassion towards others through medical service. It will gauge my ideals as an individual and the responsibilities bestowed on me.

I have always been fascinated with the medical field. While volunteering at the hospital, I was fortunate enough to have met healthcare professionals who inspired me to pursue my passion in nursing. The reason for this is my innate desire to help and care for sick people. I realized this when my grandfather fell ill and eventually passed away. I helped take care of him and saw how the nurses did their best to make him comfortable and cheerful although in pain. I saw how dedicated and attentive the nurses were to their patients and appreciate the importance of their role in the healing process. I would love to make a difference and be part of that, thus, I hope that one day I will have the same diligence and skill that they possess.

I like the idea of having security of tenure in an occupation that I am fervent about. Even in times of uncertainty, nurses will always be in demand. Nurses are also an integral part of the healthcare system considering the aging population and the lack of nurses in the field. As the aging population increases, the requirement for registered nurses also increases (BLS). Money is not my sole motivation for work as I appreciate talking to patients, learning about them, and encouraging them to wellness.

Because of my love for the medical field, I have decided to focus on nursing as a profession and get back to my true passion. I plan on becoming a registered nurse and eventually, a nurse practitioner with a focus in pediatrics. In addition, the nursing profession offers many opportunities for career advancement. I recognize that in this profession, many nurses advance to management positions, thus, I see myself working as a unit leader, who leads and manages the shifts on a particular unit or floor (BLS). After years of becoming a unit floor nurse, then I can also advance to management positions as I also dream of handling leadership within organizations (Sloane).

In preparation for my plans, I have already completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology back in 2009. In college, I have always had a fulltime job to support myself as I also joined clubs and teams such as the Science Club, the Step team, and the Dance team. During my college days, I used to volunteer at Brookdale hospital where I shadowed doctors and nurses in the ER as I learned the everyday routine of patient care. From my last year in college up to 2012, I worked at a laboratory as a home care coordinator, which involved coordinating blood draw schedules for the elderly. Currently, I am a reporting analyst at Emblem Health.

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Good Essay About Nursing School Entrance
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Being knowledgeable about the human body and treating ailments interests me so much. Definitely, I want to be able to help people get well, but the technical aspects of becoming a nurse have always fascinated me (Benefits of Nursing Careers). Whenever I see nursing professionals, I cannot help but be in awe for the service and dedication they have for their careers and patients, and thus, my desire to become of service continues to burn inside me. It is just so amazing how a nurse can touch the life of the patient in more ways than one.

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