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Interpersonal Process Recording


This is the IRP introduction about the patient that I want you to write a BODY OF INTERPERSONAL PROCESS RECORDING
During the interaction, Ms. C.P was a friendly, cooperative, smiling and talkative person. She seemed smart and educated person. She was alert, well oriented to time, place and person through the intervention. She seemed calm; however she expressed worry over her health problems, having nobody to take care of her at home and all the cost associated with being treated and cared in hospital. She said that she does not have a family, as she has never been married. She also said that she lacks good insurance that would cover her treatment.
According to the patient, she was born and raised in Florida. She has smoked for 30 years. However, she stopped the act 15 years ago. The patient adds that during her youth and middle age, she was both active and healthy. Ms. C.P said that her health problems started few years ago when she had stroke. Since then she is having multiple serious health issues. She is present with a variety of comorbidities including atrial fibrillation, anasacra, fibromyalgia hypertension, hypoproteinemia, GERD, lots of different allergies, chronic pain and major depression

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Interpersonal Process Recording
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My goal of this nurse/patient interaction was to build trust and to build nurse-patient relationship, identify and recognize the client’s problem. Encourage Ms. C.P. to express her feelings about her physical and mental health. Help her to accept things that cannot realistically be changed and ways to cope with them more adaptively (Beck, 1987). However, my main goal is to provide positive feedback and help Ms. C.P to cope with her situation.
I have managed to build trust with her. The client can speak calmly to me. I would further suggest collaborative ways that will work for her benefit in order to make the session even more effective (Christine Padesky, Dennis Greenberger, 1995).


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