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Introduction to management


In every successful company there will always have the great leader with the best team. Leaders are mostly self-made and as good as their willingness to develop their skill and ability in the company. The great leader is always able to lead their team to achieve the company’s goals. Leadership is very important for the success of an company.

Where they are helpful to inspiring and motivating employee’s. A great leader needs a vision to see where the company wants to go, in the long or even in the short run. With the global competition, the environment in which the company operates tend to become more complex, which there are change in environment, competitor, number of national government involved in supporting domestic businesses and so on. Leader or as a manager , they must be able to understand all of the changes and have to know what solution that has taken to solve the problem that occured. NOOR NEELOFA Noor Neelofa Binti Mohd Noor, born on 10 February 1989, better known as ‘Neelofa’ or even “Lofa”.

She was an actor, host, advertising model and last but not least an entrepreneur. She graduated from Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Langkawi with the excellent result and further studies for two years at KDU University College. Then she pursued her studies at Sunway University in the field of Bachelor of International Business and Marketing.

But unfortunately she did not finish her studies because participated in competition called Dewi Remaja and she won the title of Dewa Remaja 2009/10. Neelofa is the founder of NH Prima International Sdn. Bhd. Launching a modest fashion business to young stylish Muslim women.

Offering the fashionable and innovative hijabs, which is Naelofar Hijab. Where currently, Naelaofar Hijab has more than 400 authorised stockists in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. It is sold in 38 countries including London’s upmarket Chelsea district. Neelofa is the among Malaysians to make Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017 list under the retail and E-commercial category. Naelofar Hijab is brand under NH Prima International Sdn.

Bhd. that coming from a business-oriented family. First launched Naelofar Hijab in 2014. The business has expanded with other Muslimah fashion and lifestyle brands under NH Prima International Sdn.Bhd. such as, Naelofar Abaya, Naelofar Telekung , Lofalens ,and a lot more.

(A) Neelofa holding the position as the founder and director of NH Prima International Sdn.Bhd.

(B) Interpersonal RolesIts involve interactions and relationships between the organization members and other constituents. There are three interpersonal roles; figurehead, leader and liaison. The figurehead is expected to carry out ceremonial or symbolic duties by the manager. Manager appear at community functions, social events and so on. For example, where Neelofa itself represent the company and Malaysia at community events such as attending to Misk-UNDP Youth Forum 2017. Leadership, managers behave as leader to influence, motivate and other than direct to the organization. Managers are responsible for success or failure of their organization overall. For example, Neelofa provides feedback to her employees such as marketing manager about their performance. This can help them improve their performance to achieve the organization goals.

Liaison, the manager connect with the people outside their own unit or even people outside the organization. Example, Neelofa with “Naelofar Hijab” took a collaborated with AirAsia to design hijab for female pilots of AirAsia and AirAsia X. Where Neelofa connect with Tony Fernandes about the collaboration. Informational RolesManagers are responsible for ensuring their employees have knowledge about to do the jobs effectively. Managers become a communication centers of their unit and with others within the organization. There are three; which is monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

Monitor, manager gather all internal and external information that is relevant to the organization. Neelofa as a founder, consistently review about the trends in the market and controlling the performance of the organization.Disseminator, where managers regularly inform staff about the organization’s direction. For example, Neelofa makes a note to her employees, inform about the new information that can perform their duties. Spokesperson, manager deliver specific information to individuals and groups outside their organization and inside their organization. Where Neelofa has to communicate with the shareholders to perform the financial performance and strategic direction of NH Prima International Sdn.Bhd. Decisional Roles Managers process information and reach the conclusion that should they do. Decisional roles include entrepreneurs, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator.

Entrepreneur, involve developing a new product, services or processes. Managers solving problem, create new ideas and combine all resources to make an innovation. For example, Neelofa makes the shawl more practical and easier to wear, where she designs an instant shawl that are easy to wear. Disturbance handler, managers resolve conflict among the subordinates or between the department. Where, to avoid from plagiarism Neelofa and the team always come to the solution that can slowdown the plagiarized issue.Resource allocator, where managers make decisions about how to allocate people, budget, equipment, time and other resources. For example, Neelofa know the information about what material that consumer like,so she will decided what material whether chiffon or satin silk to produce. Negotiator. Managers participates in negotiations with other organization and individuals. For example, the negotiation between Neelofa and the supplier to get the quality and cheaper material to produce the shawl with the lowest cost.

(C)Neelofa as a founder and director of NH Prima International Sdn.Bhd. might possessed the skill such as conceptual skill, human skill and technical skill. Where Neelofa as the top manager has to have the higher conceptual skill rather than human skill and the human skill higher than the technical skill. Top manager: ConceptualHumanTechnicalConceptual skill, where help Neelofa to look outside of her department’s goals and make a decision that will satisfy overall organization’s goals. It involve planning, scheduling and other related tasks.Neelofa always come up with the new idea and design for the new production. Human skill, enable the manager to become leader with giving the motivation to employees to work harder to achieve the organization’s goals. Neelofa training, coaching and instructing her employees in NH Prima International Sdn.Bhd. how to achieve the organization’s vision. Technical skill, ability use different techniques, not related only for machines, production tools and other equipment, in other word have skill in the particular field. Neelofa know what types of material that she want to use and different machines used in every for different product.

(D)Scenario: Naelofar Hijab is an company that provided the modest fashion of shawl for women that wearing hijab in all around the world. Where using the Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling may help Neelofa to manage the organization effectively. PlanningIn planning, manager setting goals that they want to achieve in the future. Neelofa set a goals for Naelofar Hijab to become household name internationally and having own warehouse in Malaysia. With planning, the organization know what action they have to take to achieve that goals. Organizing Arrange and determine the action to be done and how the goals will be managed and coordinate. Neelofa give an direction to HR to search for various agent that fulfil the criteria especially from international country. It is the progress that related with the planning they have create. Leading Where manager understand the situation and sharing the guideline to the employees.

In this process, Neelofa predicts what will happen in the future and can motivate her employees to make the goals become reality. Controlling Manager monitor the performance of the organization during the process to achieve the goals. Neelofa control the outcome of the production, where measuring the HR performance about the agent. With controlling Neelofa can maintain hers quality of the production, so that the agents have courageous to promoting and sell the product. In conclusion, to be a successful organization,the organization should have a great leader that conduct the organization.

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Therefore, the leader should have plans, the skill such as leadership,motivation and have the role that can influence the organization.


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