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Leaders Are Made Not Born

Yes. “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. Aren’t that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. ” Vince Lombardi Like anything and everything in the world, leaders are also created by hard work, time, and a lot of creativity and talent. A leader is molded through time together with passion, effort and energy. For example, training a kid to be a good leader starts in teaching the kid to be a good follower first.

A good leader should obtain all of these traits.First, a good leader must be honest to his followers and transparent in everything his doing. Second, a good leader must be competent, in a way that he is qualified for his position and his actions are based on reasons and moral principles. Third, a good leader must be forward-looking, planning, setting goals and creating a vision for the future.

Fourth, a good leader must be inspiring, a role model of your followers and should display confidence in all you do. Fifth, a good leader must be intelligent, not necessarily the smartest but intelligent enough to know most of the answers needed by the group.Sixth, a good leader must be fair-minded, showing a fair treatment to all people. Seventh, a good leader must be broad-minded, great understanding and seeks out diversity.

Eight, a good leader must be courageous, have the perseverance to achieve his goal, regardless of the obstacles that may come into his way. Ninth, a good leader must be straight-forward, must be direct to the point and must not bit around the bush. Tenth, a good leader must be imaginative, fast thinking and timely and appropriate ideas for the group.A leader must also have the following characteristics in order to be called a good leader, these came from the view point of a follower. First is organization, leaders must be the one delegating authority as necessary and also know when to follow his subordinates. A good leader must also be a good follower. Second is fearlessness, leaders must not be afraid of his position nor be afraid of his boss.

Leaders must be fearless and tough to let his subordinates feel his position. Third is respect for the work of others, respect begets respect.When you respect and appreciate the works of others, they will also give you the same favor. Fourth is satisfaction, this is what you will feel after appreciating the works of others. You will feel satisfied when someone in your group achieves something which they themselves thought was impossible for them. Fifth is promotion of the interests of subordinates, if leaders believe that their subordinate is on the side, he must fight for it whatever the odds and situation is. Sixth is frankness, leaders must be frank to his subordinates.

Leaders must appreciate on public and reprimand in private, in that way your subordinate will not feel upset or feel embarrassed. Seventh is respect for the individual, subordinates prefers a leader that is not bias and respect the individual differences and personalities. Eight is knowledge, it is same with intelligent. A leader doesn’t necessarily need to be the smartest in his group but knowledgeable enough to know all the answers and basics. Ninth is predictability, it is same with forward-looking. Leaders must anticipate untimely changes in their path for his team to adjust immediately.

Tenth is tolerance, leaders must have a high tolerance for the small mistakes his subordinates may occasionally make. A leader can understand a repeated yet small mistake in his group but if the mistake is affecting the business in a bad way the leader can make an appropriate decision for the group. Eleventh is understandable, a leader must be understanding and humane enough to his subordinates. Twelfth is honesty and transparency, leaders must be honest and transparent in everything he is doing and dealings and cannot be bribed by anyone. Thirteenth is accessibility, leaders must be easily approachable when needed.Fourteenth is providing opportunities, leaders must be willing to provide opportunities and chances for his subordinates. Fifteenth is guidance, leaders must lead by training others and show how the work is done. They also must not show off to his subordinates.

Sixteenth is willingness to listen, leaders must listen to his subordinates when they have something to say. Seventeenth is genuineness, leaders must not be plastic to his subordinates; he must be sincere in everything he says and does. Eighteenth is discretion, leaders must respect the privacy of his ubordinates; they must not indulge themselves in the conversion of others and also must not gossip about them. Nineteenth is informed, leaders must informed his subordinates on what is happening around them, they should not give time for gossip. Twentieth is grace, leaders must neither denigrate nor undermine a subordinate for any reason. Twenty-first is authority; leaders have the rest to give orders, rewards and punishments. Twenty-second is people orientation, leaders must not be afraid of speaking in front of many people or talk to people.

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Leaders Are Made Not Born
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He must also be cooperative and inspire his subordinates.Twenty-third is positive personality, subordinates like leaders who are active, humble, gracious, thoughtful and confident. Leaders must be proactive and inspires trust. Twenty-fourth is good communication, leaders must be good communicators. He must inform all his subordinates about all his doings.

All of these traits and characteristics are not inborn to all people and according to research, leaders are one third (due to genetic factors) born and two thirds made. Maybe some of the traits and characteristics are natural in a person but most of it is learned.

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