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My interest in aviation

My Interest in aviation sparked off ever since I was a kid with my annual visits to the air show. I was always ecstatic when I witnessed the involvement of many vintage aircrafts owned by the Indian Air Force and the overseas aircrafts, To be honest I was young and knew nothing but just appreciated the aerial display put out by the individual aircraft companies. Apart from the aerial displays I was never able to fathom the process of abstraction involving the technical and managerial operations of an aircraft or an airport. Pondering over these issues I simultaneously started gaining interest about aviation as a whole, right from when I was a kid. Since then I blindly had a stubborn notion that my career would be in aviation.

I always believed a combination of a technical course with a managerial one would always go hand in hand right from my secondary school days but the practical aspects regarding that never really dawned on me until I kept doing my research and joined an undergraduate course in the mechanical engineering stream .I learnt few technical prospects of flight right from material science dealt with aircrafts to propulsion methods.
In addition to that my knowledge in the field of manufacturing processes of an aircraft component on an industry scale vastly increased.
In order to increase my technical expertise and to start having a grip on the managerial aspects in aviation industry I tried to make the most out of the limited opportunities I had in college to learn more in this field.Hence I applied for the Aero-modelling club in college which flew out to the USA annually to participate in the SAE Aero Design series. I was made to go through an aptitude round followed by an intense technical interview and eventually I was selected to the club.

The competition focused on the design prospects , We had to perform trade studies and make improvements to arrive at a design solution that will optimally meet the goal stage while still being restricted by the competition’s constraints. The initial role given to me was as a fabricator and as an assistant to my senior in the design process of the aircraft. .My first participation in the competition was in Dallas,Texas during March 2017.There was an enormous amount of pressure and expectation back home as well as among ourselves, We were mentored by our seniors on how to handle such operational and technical constraints,but I had the chance to completely shoulder the responsibilities in the second year of my visit to California,USA during April 2018 in which I was made the Co-Captain of the team. We achieved 16th position out of 75 teams from all over the world.We took the positives from this feat and tried to structure th

The learning process to lead as a Co-Captain was an uphill task
as different areas such as team selection,technical and operations management, even the logistics management was all individually scrutinized by the Mechanical department and the higher authorities.But I would any day admit that my critical thinking and decision-making abilities along with my man management skills wouldn’t have taken a different path had I not made it into this club.

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My interest in aviation
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At this stage, I believe pursuing a Master’s degree with the main focus on Air Transport Management would catalyze my career progress along with the technical knowledge I’ve acquired. The program offered at the University is perfectly tailored to my needs.Adding onto this the reason I preferred to study in the UK is the excellent quality of education which is delivered.

I am excited at the prospect of learning under erudite faculty like Professor Robert Mayer whose numerous articles in journals and books have left me fascinated.

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