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My Personal Diet


Personal diet analysis is the essence of is the scenario of nutrition of evaluating to concern of the personal determination of the healthfulness. My personal for the last three day should entail all the food categories in ensuring that the content consumed and get myself kind of treatment that is safe for my health. The food to be balanced diet entail as portion of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins as recommended by the doctor.

My profile entails the following, I am a female athlete playing tennis every three hours a day, I am 22 years old, weighting 117.0 lbs., my BMI is 18.9 , I am not a strict vegetarian ,non-smoker and I am not pregnant I actually play tennis for exercise for fitness and check on my weight. There appear many reasons that relate to the essence of one taking the kind on food I prefer. To begin with I tell about my lessons bi have notated about my eating habits that I consume regardless of the kind of food and also the servings (Berning, 2008p 10). Regardless of my effort to try to find a scheme to ensure I take a balanced diet, for example from the pyramid, the proteins like eggs, beans and meat or the carbohydrates like wheat, oats, rice cornmeal and the vitamins containing the fruits and vegetables like mangoes, bananas, berries, dark green.

I think the essence for the trend I have been doing is that intend to mistreat one side of the pyramid basically due to some facts about the contents for example I take servings from each category and ignore the protein part especially were eggs are present his is due to the fact that when I take eggs especially boiled ones I tend to have a bad breath even when I wash my mouth, and the issue of bloating as well. The situation is even more complex since I cannot comprehend the essence of accumulation of cholesterol in the body.
My choice of food products that I take I consider it monotonous since for it to be considered healthy wise and well balanced containing the three categories need to be served well. more over taking similar food daily creates monotony , proper nutrients and the essential elements maybe missed for example I tend to consume more of fruits , less cereals and I lack sufficient protein contents that would be essential in body building. The mineral I take for example calcium, iron are the minerals I have taken in low amounts 348.69 mg, 9.07 mg. Sincerely speaking my take in good call for knowledge concerning nutrients since I am in an attempt to achieve good health in the end so that I can live a healthy lifestyle (Berning, 2008p 14) respectively.

Ironically I have been informed on the dangers that concern the lack of proper monitoring of what I eat and use in my daily consumption of food. Basically the importance of every category in the body has its own weight and plays significant role in the health of the body. particularly the vitamins which help in protection of the body from contracting disease the vitamins contains irons for example vegetables like spinach, fruits like water melons , when taken the body immune is boosted and the body is in a stable state hence I can perform my chores well. The proteins also help in building the body especially the bones , it contains amino acids , which act as brick cells for all other cells, I often take 183.66 grams of carbohydrates to get energy , ft and protein (44.4 g) which is below the recommended amount by DRI. Hence it is paramount for the body to have the essential nutrients as they are the building blocks, for example the content of protein in the body account for fifteen percent of the mass that each person have and the construction of a strong body structure that the protein play a vital part in the performance of an alignment and their content in the hemoglobin and hormones.

The three analysis of my diet show the trend of the kind of food combination that actually fails to meet the balanced diet criterion. In the case of the food containing fiber poses a challenge since my intake has no fiber in it. When actually the very same fiber I ignore is essential in the body and ensures a better digestion of the food products. Basically the use of fiber as well is to absorb water in the body which are essential to the people who take a lot of proteins and the fiber help in dissolving them. However there is misconception in that people consume more of protein and take more fiber to ease the process. The days that I have taken the analysis seems to be the same in fact the worst part is that I rarely take water yet as I am aware one is advised to take at least eight glasses of water per day , I barely take a gulp, unless on a hot and thirsty day. The essence of consuming less grams of fiber in the food content the essential part is to have at least twenty five grams of fiber in the body in a day, the carbohydrates for example dietary fiber, I take about 10.32 grams which is below the DRI goal (Webb, 2006 p13).The content in the fiber showed dietary fiber is actually found in vegetables, grains, fruits, as none could see in the food journal. Considering that I am active level activity girl as I play tennis three hours every day, I do not smoke and not pregnant at all so this cannot explain my eating habits.

My Analysis the I find out that vi have been taking combination of food in that in my attempt to achieve a better health eating habit was literally missing the point . Since the essence of taking non-nutritious food and not observing the essential combination which is simple to follow and maintain leads to problems. The pyramid food guidance system is important think since I am able to check on the kind of food I eat and to ensure they have the essential nutrients as I would consider my current weight and height as well therefore being in a position to explain and prescribe the essential requirements . This helps me reduce various chronic diseases. The analysis does not coincide with the DRI since the food I have consuming have not met their standards.

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Diet prescription

The diet that I would prescribe to myself after learning the essential and important things concerning food intake is actually do an immediate change up concerning the combination of food. The importance of taking various kinds of food from different categories to realize the importance of taking balanced diet (Webb, 2006 p23).
Comparison with DRI show that I have been taking either more of the amount of food or way below average for example my protein intake is 44.4 grams yet the DRI on the recommendation of the amount of protein should be 42.46 grams, it is depicted as follows also according to DRI, for energy carbohydrate 315.0 -455.0 but my intake is 183.66 grams, the dietary and fiber as for DRI 25 grams to 10.32 which is below the required amount. The fatty content for example I take little of omega-6 linoleic 4.7 grams instead of 12 grams similar to the omega -3 linoleic. The DRI recombination for example minerals calcium (1000mg), potassium (4700mg), sodium (1500mg) DRI recommends the amount indicated. Also to take less than 28 grams of saturated salt daily.
And take enough proteins at 42.46 grams as per the kilogram of the body weight. All this are as per the DPI goals. Sop basically I should work on the cases were I should considered and abide by the conditions as suggested by DRI.

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