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Nike Marketing Objectives

Nike’s marketing objective is to employ a range of marketing communication tactics that can cater to the organization’s target market, who have different nationalities, genders, cultures, and ages. To enable this, Nike introduces its latest products through a marketing communication group that can strengthen the “positioning of, and key messages about, the Nike brand,” through different forms of visual aids and point-of-purchase advertising. In connection to this, Nike continuously aims to apply marketing tactics that are appropriate with the people who reside in these continents or nations.

For example, aside from traditional advertising in the form of television, billboards, and the like, Nike also makes use of contemporary marketing instruments such as the internet, wherein people in almost any part of the world could access various sites to customize Nike shoes and products. Moreover, Nike applies an effective marketing communication and at the same time still relatively manages to be cost-effective in terms of its marketing programs.

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Nike Marketing Objectives
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Although Nike’s marketing expenses may seem excessive, they employ internationally recognized celebrity athletes; they overflow retail networks with promotions of products and other giveaways. According to Knight and Greenberg (2002, pg 548), the integration of endorsements and sponsorships enables Nike to represent itself as a socially concerned actor promoting sport as a solution to social problems.

The company’s campaign theme is JUST DO IT. The Campaign will target men and woman and especially those in the basketball scene that are of 14 to 30 years of age. Nike sprint shoes are not only good shoes to wear but are strong, durable and comfortable, this way, the company will convince them to take action. The campaign will also exist as billboards; through celebrity endorsements like Michael Jordan and James Lebron. The Company will also use electronic media (commercials, official website of Nike and newspapers) to promote the brand), (Marketing Plan of Nike,2011)

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