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Nursing Profession Essay

Patient care is one of the important activities in nursing. As a matter of fact, patients care is crucial to both nurses and patients in hospitals. The patient care that I have provided has influenced my career tremendously, and more so my decision to continue with education. Patient care is one of a challenging and practical field in nursing. In most cases, patient care presents a clear picture of nursing and what is expected of every nurse in the hospitals and homes. Patient care calls for commitment, co-operation and quality service between the nurses and patients that require the service. Patient care is shifting to a team based approach; hence, many nurses into roles and education that is build upon previous responsibilities.

Patient care has taught me a lot of things in life, especially those that are directed towards my career as a nurse. Patient care demands a lot of commitments, these type of requirement has strengthen me towards my career, and more so on issues pertaining humanity. Patient care develops a sense of being humane and helpful in life. As a matter of fact, I comprehend that nursing is a challenging career and requires individuals who are humane in nature. Patient care entails taking care of person’s life; this has influenced my career in the sense that I value the life of every patient and driven by my experience to care for patients I remain committed to my career.

The patient care that I have provided has also developed my communication skills between me and the patients. It has influence my career greatly because I have improved in my communication skills, and comprehended how important it is for nurses. In nursing, communication is a pillar to service delivery. Patients who are cared for have different characteristics and most of them react differently to situations. In such occasions, learned to be professional is communicating to them so as to meet their requirement. Based on patient care, it has influenced my career since it has improved my communication skills.
Patient care that I provided included washing, clothing, taking patients to toilet, as well as getting them to sleep. These activities are not easy to everyone, but it has strengthened my personality and more so strengthened my courage towards pursuing my career in nursing. Patient care has made me re-discover the values and norms towards compassionate care, which scholars claim it has been lost in the past. Nursing career requires a lot of attachment to patient care, this is very crucial since it creates a link with the patient. The patient care that I provided has attached me to the fundamentals and principles of patient care. It is these fundamental that forms the basis of my career and focus at providing the best to patience. Patient care that I provided has influenced my feeling, things, and the way I act. In fact, these components of patient caring have become the heart of my career. In general perspective, the patient care I provided has made me develop conscious decisions in my career and towards care.
The patient care that I provided has influenced my decision to continue with education. There are various aspects in the patient care and nursing that I discovered required more education. As a matter of fact, patient care that I provided made me understand and witness the reality that patients go through during their illness. It is through education that most of these problems will be eliminated. My decision to carry on with my education is driven by the needs and requirement of patients. Patients as I experienced require more than just medication, there are various factors that will make them ill. One of it is patient care that is carried out with passion and love. It is through education that I get to understand many problems and needs of patients. In the 21st century, science and technology has become part of patient care and nursing profession; hence, education is the only way that provides information on issues of technology within the nursing career and patient care.

Perhaps, nursing profession is very dynamic and changes are inevitable. As an individual, I believe will contribute to the nursing profession in various ways. Leadership is one of the crucial activity and post in nursing profession. I believe I am in a position to provide visionary leadership at my won level. Undertake a career in nursing means I will go through various groups and teams. In these stages, I am focused at providing visionary leadership that will change the entire nursing profession both in the long run and short run. In addition, transitional programs play a crucial role in changing the face of nursing profession. Perhaps, I believe to change the nursing profession by being part of the transitional programs aimed at improving health care and patient care.

In addition, I will contribute to the nursing profession by focusing on the needs of patients. Bing part of patient care has given me experience, and I have learned a lot to do with patient care. Therefore, it is essential to draw down various aspects of patient care based on experience so that other nurses and those who are willing to provide patient care will be guided by the information. This will include the stating of possible patient needs, how to handle them, communication skills, as well as patient-nurse relationship.

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Nursing is a dynamic profession that requires proper implementation of changes. I intend to contribute to nursing profession through teaching. Teaching plays an integral part of nursing. I intend to focus on improving the nursing profession through educating future leaders and mentoring patient care providers. Nursing profession is all about helping the doctors and patients; I will contribute to nursing profession by ensuring that doctors receive maximum help and comprehend the importance of patient care. The unique way to contribute to nursing profession is to assist the sick, and individuals on activities that will contribute to proper health care.

Research is one of the crucial fields in nursing profession. Through my skills and experience, I will contribute to nursing profession through research. The research will involve looking for information on patient care, as well as health care demands. Nurses are expected to respond and recognize the new demands within the nursing profession. By comprehending the ever-changing health care system facilitates the progress of nursing profession. Financially, I will contribute to nursing profession by using the facilities within the institutions so as to reduce costs. This will directly or indirectly help in development of nursing profession. I will also contribute to nursing profession through emphasizes on quality, effectiveness, safety, as well as efficiency in service deliver. In general perspective, contributing in nursing profession entails both professional and personal efforts. The probable contributions will include programs, policies, financial, as well as personal.

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