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Personal Statement on Cardiology Fellowship

Despite enjoying my current job as a faculty in an academic hospital medicine program, my enthusiasm for Cardiology has continued to grow. I did not succeed in obtaining a cardiology fellowship position during my internal medicine residency but this interest of mine led me to study Nuclear Medicine as I was particularly attracted to Nuclear Cardiology.

During the last few years, I have received the Harrison scholar award, and have achieved in the hundredth percentile in the cardiology section of the internal medicine board. Furthermore, I have attained consistently high scores in the nuclear cardiology certification board. This reflects my inherent affiliation with the field of medicine, in particular the cardiovascular specialty. The diversity of my medical training has given an extra dimension to my clinical expertise. In my current role, I have acquired dexterity as a Clinician and further strengthened my teaching, leadership and administrative skills.

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Personal Statement on Cardiology Fellowship
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Since the time of internal medicine residency, my research focus has been cardiology, in particular nuclear cardiology. During this time, I have published two papers in peer reviewed journals. I have also presented in many national meetings, in the form of oral and poster presentations. My interest in philosophy, poetry and book reading has provided my educational and professional capabilities an extra depth. I like to spend free time with my family, playing violin and partaking in variety of sports.

I am conscientious, disciplined and one hundred percent dedicated to achieving highly on this training program. Cardiovascular imaging and electrophysiology interest me the most. In the long term, I intend to be an academic cardiologist. I believe this role would allow me to combine some of my strongest skills: research and teaching. This may sound imitative but cardiology is my true passion and is all I ever wanted to do. Thank you for considering my application.

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