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Recommendations company in improving its operations

What would you recommend to this company if it asked you to advise it in improving its operations?
An operation system comprises of set of succession that, over time, utilizes a specialty unit to accomplish a coveted operation structure, infrastructure and set of particular capacities in help of the priorities of the competitors.


Planning, scheduling the jobs which makes the organization operations to run according to the needs of the company without any interruptions and able to implement the operations through a team work. Flow of the operations start to end which plays vital role to define the output. Manger will play a key role to define the goals and implement the operations. Operation management will have to define, design the process that involves day to day activities for the business to perform. It also handles providing trainings, audits etc.. Here a perfect documentation and correct sequential flow of the process will help to streamline the tasks.

Quality control:

Quality is which where it attracts customer and there by gains his satisfaction and improve the business. Quality plays a vital role for the operation excellence and objectives of the company.

Supply chain management:

It can be defined as set of operations/tasks that are performed as a set from start to end.

Starting from handling customer to get into the usage of the products of the company like purchasing the products, transportations and delivery.


The main objective of the company in providing the highly demanded product lower than the price of the competitors are providing with best quality by seeing the company’s profits too.

Ch. 2: What are the main operations performance objectives for this company?
The three factors which help in long term stand for the company are: company’s objectives, environment scanning and core competencies. Identifying objectives are the most crucial part of the business developing strategy. In order to have a long term goals for a company one must should know what the business does company is going with.


Who are all the customers does the company serves. What are the company’s polices.Company should take a decision on finding the set of objectives, as bellow:
What the product/services does the company is going to provide.

Who will be the clients, and what will be the expectations of the client for the product/services that are provided by the company.

What is the company capacity to offer products/services into the market?
Environmental scanning is the factor which allows studying the external factors which will identify the growth of the company and also the threats that company is going to face.

Core competencies:

For this manger will play key role who must know company’s competencies, and accordingly allocate skilled resources.

Ch. 3: Describe how the managers developed their operation so that it drives the long-term strategy of the organization.

Manger plays a key role like hiring the skilled resources, allocating budget, cost controlling and keep track of the company’s progress. Leadership skills for the manger help in implementing the long term and short term goals of a company. He will be responsible to explain the implementation plan to the higher management and get the approval.

Manger should be able to deal with the employee problems and help them in enhancing their skills for new technologies that would help the company growth plan. He plays vital role in marketing of the product and services that are provided by the company.

Goal setting

Manger will set the goals and objectives and will have the policies in implementing the goal by taking the consideration of all the departments of the company.


Good Manger will have good communication skills in handling the resources and help the people in interacting together throughout the company whenever necessary. Manger is the person who always needs to create a positive vibes to the team and provide them sportive spirit. He will be the person who will be a communicator between higher management and the employed.

Ch. 4: How would you rank the innovation objectives for this organization?
To rank the innovation objectives for the organization is the satisfaction of the customer
Identify customer experiences which can be achieved by talking to the customers by conducting survey and feedbacks.

Identify what the customer needs and what the company is missing and why the company is missing the customer’s needs and plan to fulfill the needs of the customer.
Then build customers satisfaction.

Improve current products and services.

Access to new market trends and needs.

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Recommendations company in improving its operations
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Improve quality of the product.

Creating a culture and innovation in collaboration across the departments and their respective teams throughout the organization helps in keep the track of the process.

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