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Case Study on Strategic Management


Strategic management refers to the process of initializing and implementation of particular goals by the top executive in relation to the specific attributes of both the internal and external milieu. Strategist management is always guided by the market trends of various products. A comparison is done with the sales trend and increase of market niche of the competing companies (Macdonald, 2008). This essay seeks to examine the SWOT analysis and strategic management tactics of MacDonald.
As a point of departure, the MacDonald, various companies always seek to be at the top and this compels them to seek ways of helping them to climb the ladder. This includes the all the process of the SWOT analysis.


The Macdonald Company has an intensive chain of managerial staff who works according the hierarchy of command. This way all the necessary information is channeled tot the top without any element of distortion. This contributes to apt strategic plan and tactic, which helps a company to move towards another level in term of planning and execution. The other strength attributed to the Macdonald Company involves the marketing channels (Macdonald, 2008). The company has extensive online a physical marketing channels, which enable it to market its’ know the expansiveness of its market nature and the clients’ preferences. This helps the management to make decisions concerning branding in order to meet the client’s needs.


The company has serious loophole in its distribution channels, which leads to inefficient distribution of its products and this leads to the shrinking of the market niche


MacDonald’s company has immense market opportunities with which it can expand its, operations. Having an intensive marketing and distribution channels, it is a head of its competitor, which are in still establishing the channels.


The biggest threat to the MacDonald’s company is the Starbucks, which is creeping slowly into the market, and with its strategic positioning in the market, it likely to take up the market niche presently occupied by the MacDonald (Macdonald & Marshall, 2010).

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Case Study on Strategic Management
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The General Management Picture of the Macdonald’s strategies

Macdonald is a leading company in food production in the USA. To ensure proper and efficient service delivery to customers MacDonald company management employs multi-faced strategies to protect consumers from poor services and exploitation. Thus, the strategies employed include auditing strategy, human resource strategy, cost reduction strategy, brand control strategy and marketing strategy
Concerning the auditing strategy MacDonald’s company utilizes it to ensure transparency and accountability in funds management and as well as eliminating the poor regulations that not of beneficial significance to customers and the company in general (MacDonald & Newcomen Society in North America, 2007). The auditing strategy sometimes involves embracing of hard business strategies including employees taking pay reductions and facilitation of consumer choices throughout the supply chains in operation.
The human resource reduction carries out demographic research across its wide range of customers to discover customer behaviors concerning tastes and preferences the preferred methods of purchase in the various supply chains. This makes the management of the possible adjustment mechanisms in order to comply with the customer demands.
Additionally, cost reduction is as well another strategy that is considered by the MacDonald’s company, primarily to determine new techniques and technological advancements that can process the food products faster and efficiently with an aim of reducing the related costs of production. Furthermore, the brand control strategy is as well employed in this company to come up with new and attention-grabbing forms of brands that can replace the old ones to ensure that they look appealing to customers whenever they set their eyes on these products. This is strategy is purely concerned with new designs and models that conform to diverse market dynamisms (MacDonald & Newcomen Society in North America, 2007).
Ultimately, MacDonald’s company utilizes the marketing strategy. This one deals with the numerous ways in which the employees try to the best of their potential to advertise and supply these processed food products to diverse market outlets, which prefer these products. In addition this strategy endeavors to explore new market ventures to diversify their marketability.


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