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Texting vs. Calling

In the world we live in today, cell phones play the biggest role in how we communicate with others. Our cell phones offer two different ways to communicate.

We can either call or text, both options giving us a sufficient way of communication. Calling offers a way of communication that texting cannot offer and vice versa. As similar as calling and texting might be, they are different in the way we use them to communicate.Calling and texting are similar because they both are a form of communication. Calling is a way of verbal communication.

This allows the person you are talking to to hear your voice. When the person can hear your voice, it is easier for them to comprehend the emotion you’re trying to express. In texting, it is harder because the person you’re talking to reads a set of words you sent instead of listening to your voice. Texting is a way of communication where you press alphabetical letters to create a text.

You can also press certain signs and symbols to create a smiley face to try and show expression. Texting allows you to show the person a slight visual image of what you’re expression might look like. In calling, it is impossible to do that. Calling and texting both have pros and cons.For example, calling allows you to have a long drawn out conversation while texting is short and straight to the point. When you have a conversation on the phone it is easier and faster for you to express your feelings and be detailed in the subject you are talking about. This helps the person you’re talking to understand what you are trying to explain to them.

When you are texting, it is harder to be detailed because you have to be descriptive in everything you text. It also takes more time for the person to understand what you’re trying to say because sometimes people cannot comprehend what they read in your text. While when on the phone with someone, he or she is able to understand what you said easier because you guys are talking instead of messaging.Calling and texting both allow people to have private conversations. On a phone call, your privacy is limited. You can have a private conversation as long as you are in a private area where no one else can hear what you’re talking about.

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This is sometimes harder because you are not always using your phone in the privacy of your own home. Usually we use our phones outside in public, and when we’re trying to have a private conversation we have to take the time to find a private area where no one is around or we would lower our voice.But even then, some people can still hear what were talking about. On the other hand, when you’re texting your privacy is unlimited. You can have a private conversation anytime and anywhere you want because no one is reading you’re text messages except for you and the person you’re talking to. This gives us the luxury of not having to go out of our way to find a private area just to have this conversation.Because calling and texting are so similar, people don’t really notice the difference beyond the fact that one is verbal and the other is a set of words in a message. Calling is different from texting because it is easier to express your feelings, you can have a long conversation, and it limits your privacy.

Where in texting it is harder to express your feelings, it is short, straight to the point, and your privacy is unlimited. Just because calling is different from texting does not mean that one is better than the other. They are both sufficient ways of communicating that are used according to what the person likes.

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