The Kyasanur forest disease virus essay example
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The Kyasanur forest disease virus

Hello I am writing a two page paper on a virus that we wanted to pick in Biology and I chose the Kyasanur forest disease virus (KFDV).I chose it because it seems really interesting to learn about and i wanted to learn more about the disease and see where it came from and what it is.The Kyasanur Forest Virus is a member of the virus family called Flaviviridae.The Kyasanur Forest Disease was found in 1957.The Kyasanur Forest Disease started from a sick money from the Kyasanur Forest in Karnataka,India.

Since they discovered what it was and how it started there has been between 400-500 human cases per year.Once you are infected you are infected for life.Rodents,Shrews and monkeys are common for getting the disease after being bitten by and infected tick.The disease comes from the forest and then a tick lives there and then if you go into the forest and you get the tick on you then you have the disease if the tick is infected.Anyone and anything can get this disease if you get an infected tick on you.They have never found a person to person transmission.

The disease to humans from larger animals are really rare.The signs and symptoms of having the disease after 3-8 days you get the chills,fever and headache.You can also get severe muscle pain with vomiting,gastrointestinal symptoms and you could also having bleeding problems and they show up 3-4 days after the initial symptom.They also can get low blood pressure,and low platelet,red blood cell and white blood cell counts.Some patients after 1-2 weeks recover without any problems.The disease makes you feel like you have it a week after you get over having the problems and then they just keep repeating and coming back.There is no treatment but going to the hospital and having therapy is important.Therapy includes the maintenance of hydration and the usual precautions for patients with bleeding disorders.They say to wear really protective clothing if you are in that area and you can get a vaccine in India for it.

There has been a total of 3263 total cases,there has been a total of 2314 hospitalized cases,there has been a total of 823 confirmed cases and a total of 28 confirmed deaths.It has gradually moved to parts of southern Asia.The monkeys that are high in this disease are the black faced langur and the red faced bonnet monkey.The cycle is goes in is like this,it goes the eggs,larva,nymph and then the adult for the tick and then they get on monkeys and larger animals at the forest and then people touch them and then the tick gets on them and then the human gets the Kyasanur Forest Virus Disease.The disease most likely happened as a consequence of forest clearing to make way for cattle grazing.Cattle grazing threw there has lead the tick population to rise and increase risk of human exposure.

Indians and other people got in from also going to pick wood up from the forest.People also call it monkey fever disease.The Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus belong to the russian spring summer group.Direct transmission from rodent to humans is possible.The transmission of Kyasanur forest disease is the bite of hard ticks.You can get the disease even if you come in contact with an animal that has it.History about the disease,the disease was reported in Karnataka,India in March 1957.The disease first manifested as an epizootic outbreak with monkeys killing several of them in the year 1957.

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The Kyasanur forest disease virus
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So that’s how it got its name the monkey disease or monkey fever.It is only found in the southwest part of India.The Kyasanur Forest Disease spread to more than 20 villages and by 2003 it had affected more than 70 villages.It affects mostly males.It gets really bad between January-June.They usually get on people that are 20-40 years old.The adult ticks become active after few monsoon rains in june.It gradually declines in september.I learned that you can also get them from mosquitos.KFD is a hemorrhagic fever found in Karnataka state.The outbreak of this disease was in the spring of 1957.It was found to be related to the russian spring-summer encephalitis.Haemaphysalis spinigera was identified as the probable tick vector.

The disease affects both wild animals and humans living near forested areas.Kyasanur Forest Disease is characterized by hemorrhagic fever with a case of fatality rate in the range of 1-3 percent.Viruses related to the disease have been found in China and Saudi Arabia.Some of the viruses that it is related to is Dengue fever and Yellow fever.It affects 400-500 people annually.The vaccination is called Prophylaxis.I am really glad that i chose this Disease because the disease was really cool and interesting to learn about and I had no clue what it was until I read about it and it was really interesting i would really recommend reading about this and learning about more I really wish they had a lot more information and stuff about the Kyasanur Forest Disease because i wanted to learn more about it and like read more and see what happens now with the disease.

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