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The term Nettles in Genetics

The term Nettles, Hives, or refers to a rash that may be characterized by wheals. Article “allergic reaction” 0 8. The compound diagnostic term “Dermatome/NYC/sols” actually means: an extensive skin fungus condition, state of, or Infection 0 9. The compound term “Sob/Aden/it is” literally means: inflamed oil gland 0 10.

The combining forms Hid/o- and Sudden- both mean: sweat 0 11. The surgical term Rhythm/CE/tom/y literally means: procedure of cutting out wrinkles 0 12. The suffix that means to view is: -pops “bal/o/sys” CLC 13. The suffix that means berry shaped Is: -cuscus 0 14.Chigger’s are also referred to as These six-legged mites are parasitic on insects, vertebrates, and man. They attach to the skin where they secrete saliva that causes itching, wheals, and dermatitis. Redress or red mites 0 15.

The diagnostic term that means localization of pus Is: abscess “tissue goes away” CLC 16. The diagnostic term Held/addends means: inflammation of a sweat gland 0 17. The diagnostic term that means skin or tissue bruise is: contusion 0 18. The term that means invasion into the skin and body hair by lice is: pedicurists 0 19.The pre/cancerous skin condition that Is characterized by horny and hard skin hat was caused by excessive exposure to sunlight Is: actinic karat/sols CLC 20. The diagnostic term actually means tissue death or literally “an eating sore. ” This condition is usually caused by Colostomies pressings and/or poor blood supply.

Gangrene ј 21 . The diagnostic term that actually means the process of scraping away the skin by a mechanical process or injury is: ABA/Rasa/loon CLC 22. A malignant neoplasm skin condition that spreads to organs ; lymph Sarcoma 0 23.The medical term that means berry-shaped bacteria in twisted chains is: streets/cuscus 0 24. The medical term Cicatrix’s literally means: car 0 25. The medical term Nevus means: mole or birthmark 0 26. If a patient has a describes ulcer, he or she has a(n): pressure bedsore 0 27.

The medical term that means Wart is: verdure 0 28. The medical term Purists means: severe itching 0 29. The medical term that means small, solid skin elevation is: apple 0 30. The medical term which refers too yellow or orange-yellow tinge to the skin that results from damaged liver cells is: Jaundice 0 31 .The diagnostic term Acne Vulgarism literally means: pointed and common 0 32. The procedural term Dermatologist includes eyelid drooping, and belly tucks surgery. Ace lifts, 0 33.

The diagnostic term Sub/rhea Dermal/it is is also known as: dandruff 0 34. The diagnostic term Geriatric Loophole actually means: “old age” baldness “fox mange” 0 35. The disease term Anthrax literally means: coal or carbuncle “lesion” 0 36. The diagnostic term Chill/it is literally means: inflammation of the lip 0 37. The diagnostic term Curettage off skin lesion literally means: scooping 0 38.The diagnostic term Furnace actually means and is a staphylococcus inflection off hair follicle or hair gland: boil 0 39. The diagnostic term Rubella (red) is also known as: 3 day measles 0 40.

The diagnostic term Herpes literally means: to creep 0 41 . The diagnostic term Rubella (AKA: German or 9 Day Measles) literally means: red or redness 0 42. A diagnostic characteristic of oral Kopi Spots (next to the back Molars “grinders”) is associated with: Rubella- 9 day measles 0 43. The skin condition of Shingles is caused by the Herpes Sister Virus. This virus also causes: Chickenpox 0 44.The disease Smallpox (AKA: as Various Major or Minor) is caused by a highly contagious and is characterized by prostration, a vesicular-pustules rash, and fever. It is considered eradicated except for Biological Weapons use.

Saviors 0 45. The diagnostic term Malignant Melanoma actually means: a black tumor that is bad or cancerous 0 46. The diagnostic term Stitch/OSI actually means: fish-like skin condition with scale-like tissue the state of being hairy 0 48. The diagnostic term Exogamous Cell Carcinoma actually means: scaly crab-like cell tumors of the surface tissue “lungs and skin” 0 49.The diagnostic term Dissidence actually means: to gape open 0 50. The diagnostic term Whelming/oasis, Scar/oasis and Vermiculite/OSI can refer to infections of the skin or the digestive system. Worm 0 51 .

The diagnostic term Nacho/NYC/o/sis literally means: nail/fungus/condition “infection” 0 52. The bacterial infection of the face that is referred to as is characterized by vesicles or sacs that rupture and form a golden crust. Impetigo “means to attack” 0 53. The diagnostic term Days/hid/OSI literally means: condition of faulty sweating “skin sweat blisters” 0 54.The diagnostic term Scabies actually means: itch mite saliva that causes severe itching 0 55. The diagnostic term Tinge Crisis (or crusts) actually means: Sock Itch “scrotal, accrual, anal, or genital fungus itch” 0 56. The diagnostic term for the fungal infection Candid/oasis literally means: glowing white/condition 0 57.

The diagnostic term refers to red skin caused by an increase in Rubs near the surface of the skin. This proliferate bone marrow condition can cause clots, strokes, heart attacks, vertigo, weakness, tinnitus, extremity pain, and an enlarged spleen cause by excess RUB breakdown.Poly/city/Emma Vera 0 58. The skin condition of Ringworm is actually caused by a: fungus 0 59. The diagnostic term Coetaneous Ulcer literally means: skin sore 0 60. The diagnostic term Thrush is usually a fungus infection of the: throat or again 0 61 . The diagnostic term Sclera/dermal is actually an Auto-Immune reactionary ad’s/ ease like: Rheumatoid Arthritis 0 62.

The diagnostic term Lame is associated with a town in where this deer tick-borne spirochete bacteria first appeared to man. Connecticut 0 63. The diagnostic term Xerox/deer literally means: dry/skin 0 64.The diagnostic term Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by a Residential (small bacteria) organism that is carried by a: tick 0 65. The diagnostic term literally means “to itch” and this chronic skin condition causes red patches with dry, thick, silvery scales. Psoriasis 0 66. A skin Lacer/action literally means: the process of tearing 0 67.

Whelming/oasis (Worm Diseases) and TAB (Tuberculosis) are the two (2) leading killers in under-developed countries located in which continents or submersion: all of the above 0 68. Whelming/ICC Diseases can attack multiple body systems including the Parasitic Worms called: all of the above 0 69.The term Defied/action literally means: process of feces or stool away 0 70. Chime lecturers is also known as: bed bugs 0 71 . The physiologic (function) term De/glutting literally means: to swallow away or down 0 72. The terms Masticate/ion and And/bible actually mean: process of chewing and chewer 0 73. The term Tinge Piped actually means: Athletes Foot 0 74.

Skin blushing, or redness is usually caused by an increase in blood flow, ox/hemoglobin, fever, inflammation, trauma “wound”, and alcohol. Rather 0 75. The skin color variation of Pall/or is actually a which usually accompanies blood loss, various types of anemia, or shock. Crease in skin color 0 76. The skin color variation of represents an increase in tissue bill/Rubin from RUB destruction or liver cell destruction (heaps/it is). This color is best seen in he sclera of the eye, body membranes, and skin. Yellow-orange “Jaundiced” 0 77.

The relative speed with which the skin resumes its normal appearance after being stretched or compressed is called . It represents the amount of water in the tissues or hydration. This process is slower in seniors. Turbo 0 78. A tan-brown skin coloration usually means an increase in the amount of melanin, a suntan, or: pregnancy 0 1.The 2nd portion (5′ long) of small intestine that means to empty is the: Jejunum 0 2. The organ that produces bile is the: liver 0 3.

The lining of the structures in the abdominal and pelvic cavities is the: routine “that which holds the lower organs” 0 4. The ring of muscles found in opening between stomach and duodenum is the: pyloric sphincter “gate keeper: that which binds together” 0 5. The tube that extends from the pharynx (throat) to the stomach and means gullet is the: so/phages “toward/eater” 0 6. The combining forms so-, or/o-, and stomata- all mean: mouth 0 7. The combining form that means “small intestines” is: ” enter/o- “usually refers to small intestine: Cool- big intestine” 0 8. The combining form that means “rectum (straight) and anus (ring)” is: proctor/o- 0 9. The combining form for small growth is: loopy- “footed growth” 0 10.

The diagnostic term that means inflammation of the stomach, intestines, and colon is: gastroenteritis’s 0 11. The diagnostic term that means abnormal condition of having divestiture (out- pouching) in the colon is: divestiture/o/sis 0 12. The diagnostic term gingivitis means: 0 13. The diagnostic term Chloe/lithe/oasis means: condition of gallstones 0 14.The diagnostic term that means prolapsed of the rectum is: proctor/photos 0 15. The diagnostic term Castro/enter/it is means: inflammation of the stomach and intestinal track. Also, the surgical opening is offered to as an illusions; and the incision is referred to as an litotes.

0 16. The diagnostic term for chronic inflammation of the small and/or large intestines, characterized by cobblestone ulcerations along the intestinal wall and the formation of scar tissue, is: Crown’s Disease 0 17. The diagnostic term for the abnormal growing together of two surfaces normally separated is: adhesion 0 18.The diagnostic term ulcerative colitis means: inflammation of the colon with sores 0 19. The diagnostic term for a psychoneurosis disorder characterized by prolonged refusal to eat is: anorexia nervous 0 20. The diagnostic term for a chronic disease of the liver characterized by the gradual destruction of liver cells is: cirrhosis “yellow orange color produced” 0 21 . The surgical term that means crushing a stone in the common bile duct is: cholesterol/tourist 0 22.

The surgical term chill/orphan means: suture of the lips 0 23. The surgical term that means incision in to the abdominal wall is: alpha/Tommy 0 24.The surgical term that means suture of the tongue is: glossary’s 0 25. The procedural term for X-ray filming of the gallbladder is: Chloe/cysts/graph 0 26. The procedural term that means visual examination of the rectum is: rococo’s 0 27. The term Endoscopies Gastropod/e is defined as a(n): instrument used for visual examination of the stomach 0 28. The procedural term meaning visual examination within a hollow organ is: endoscope 0 29.

The term Prospectors means: instrument used for visual examination of the rectum 0 30. The procedural phrase for a barium enema with X-rays is: lower GIG Series 0 31 .The procedural term for a series of X-ray films taken of the stomach & duodenum after barium has been swallowed is: Upper GIG Series 0 32. The medical term Brady/pepsin means: slow digestion 0 33. The medical term Dysphasia means: fisticuff swallowing or eating 0 34. The medical term a/pepsin means: without digestion 0 35. The medical term that means physician who specializes in proctologist is: proctologist 0 36.

The medical term Castro/dying means: pain in the stomach 0 37. The medical term Peritoneal literally means: one who holds lower viscera “largest serous membrane in the body” 0 38.The term for abnormal collection of fluid in the peritoneal cavity is: cities 0 40. The term Did/gets/ion literally means: the process of/two/separations 0 41 . The physic/logy (science of function or nature) term Peristalsis literally means: to contract/around 0 42. The anatomical term Incise/or literally means: one who cuts in 0 43. The diagnostic term Stomata/it is means: inflammation of the mouth 0 44.

The diagnostic term Pyloric Stetsons actually means: condition of narrowing the gate keeper 0 45. The anatomical term Gastric Argue literally means: stomach folds 0 46.The diagnostic term Peptic Ulcer literally means: digestive : sore 0 47. Hepatitis A, B, and C are caused by a: virus 0 48. Hepatitis A is also known as: Infectious Hepatitis 0 49. Hepatitis B is also known as: Serum Hepatitis ” may be dormant in the body for years before the Signs and 0 50. Hepatitis ” Symptoms appear.

C” 0 51 . The diagnostic term Dental Caries literally means: refers to tooth cavities 0 52. The word parts Denton- and Denton- both mean: tooth 0 53. The diagnostic term Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease can also refer to: heart burn “GEAR” 0 54. The diagnostic term Reflux literally means: to flow again “usually backward” 0 55.The diagnostic term Tartar refers to dental: plaque “hardened carbonates, phosphates, and organic matter” 0 56. The diagnostic term Colostomy refers to viewing and examining the: large intestine 0 57.

The diagnostic term Cool/scoop/e literally means: instrument to view the big or large intestine 0 58. The diagnostic term Cool/scoop/y literally means: procedure of viewing and examining the large intestine 0 59. The diagnostic term Tuberculosis actually means: condition of out pouching in the colons argue or fold 0 60. The nutritional physiology term Bolus literally means: ball or lump 0 61 .The nutritional physiology term Chem. literally means: Juice 0 62. The inflammatory characteristics seen during a Upper GIG Examination include: arbor, tumor, color, and dollar “red, swelling, heat, pain” 0 63.

The medical abbreviation for the Gastrointestinal System (mouth to anus): GIG 0 64. The medical term Enema literally means: to inject offers to difficult or faulty swallowing 0 66. The diagnostic term Days/phonic actually means: refers to faulty speaking or speech – hoarseness 0 67. The diagnostic term “Alphas” literally means: without speech 0 68. The diagnostic term Bubble/IA literally means . Refers to/hungry 0 69.The diagnostic term Anorexia Nervous literally means: without appetite: caused by a “nervous” condition 0 70.

The diagnostic term Hyper/cholesterol/Emma is a blood condition with a cholesterol level above MGM per dc (milliards per decliner) in a 20 Y/O. 230 0 71 . The diagnostic term Crown’s Disease is also known as: chronic regional ileitis 72. The diagnostic term Acute Appendicitis actually means: sudden inflammation of the appendage attached to the scum 0 73. The diagnostic term Days/entry literally means: faulty, difficult, and painful intestines 0 74. The anatomical word part cool- or colon- refers to the big intestine.The word can refer to the small intestine or both intestines.

Enters- part 0 75. The alimentary (to nourish) canal is approximately feet long in adults. 30 0 76. The diagnostic term Abdominal Hernia refers to: a rupture or protrusion through the abdominal wall 0 77. The anatomical term Alimentary literally means: to nourish 0 78. The diagnostic term Amoebic (Amoeba) Dysentery refers to: diarrhea and dehydration caused by the Amoebic one cell organism 0 79. The physiological (function) importance of the digestive system is to: break foods down into small ingredients to nourish the body cells 0 80.

The diagnostic term Beer/beer refers to and is caused by the lack of thiamine (part of B Complex: 8-1) in the diet. Body weakness “weakness/weakness” 0 81 . The diagnostic term Peel/agar refers to niacin or nicknamed in the diet. Skin/rough 0 82. The diagnostic term Scurvy literally means in the diet. To scratch 0 83. The diagnostic term Fistula refers to a: pipe stem like tube or passageway 0 84.

The diagnostic term Treaties refers to: and is caused by the lack of and is the lack of Vitamin C closure of an opening – “anus, ear, vagina, eye, urethra, +” 0 85.The diagnostic term Irritable Bowel Syndrome (BIBS) refers to: painful intestines 0 86. The diagnostic reference of Differential Diagnosis (D. D. ) refers to: determining the difference between 2 or more similar health problems 0 87. The diagnostic term Withal Hernia refers to: rupturing or protrusion of the stomach up through the diaphragm 0 88. The anatomical term Sphincter literally means: o bind together (Tighten) 0 89.

The diagnostic term Pyloric Stetsons refers to the narrowing of the lower end of 0 90. The diagnostic term Volumes usually refers to twisting 0 91 .Typhus literally means: stupor “near coma or deep sleep” 0 92. A Cysts/scope Exam refers to ‘looking at’ the inspection 0 93. Cholera is commonly referred to as of the ileum or the colon. : urinary bladder . It can lead to dehydration, vomiting, muscle cramps, and death.

It is caused by the bacteria Brio cholera. Super diarrhea 0 1. The process of forming urine begins in the: glorious capsule “part of neoprene” 0 2. The tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder are the: Reuters “small canals” 0 3. The muscular, hollow organ that temporarily holds the urine is the: urinary bladder “vesicles/o- or cysts-” 0 4.The organ whose functions are to remove waste products from the blood and aid in maintaining water and acid base balance in the body is the: kidney 0 5. The root word nephew/o- in its combining form means: kidney 0 6.

The prefix did- literally and actually means: across, through, complete, or total 0 7. The suffix that means nourishment or development is: -trophy 0 8. The suffix that means drooping, sagging or prolapsed (kidney) is: -photos nephew/photos” 0 9. The suffix that means the loosening, dissolution, breakdown, or separation of (fluids or tissue) is: -lists “hem/lists” 0 10.The diagnostic term Nephew/texts/photos actually means: drooping kidney to the right 0 11. The diagnostic term Our/Emma means: condition of urine in the blood 0 12. The diagnostic term that means inflamed kidney and renal pelvis: polytheists 0 13.

The diagnostic term that means kidney tumor or swelling: anaphora 0 14. The diagnostic term for a congenital defect in which the urinary meat’s is located on the upper surface of the penis is: passivism 0 15. The surgical term Lithography means: surgical crushing of a stone 0 16. The surgical term that means surgical fixation or repositioning of the kidney is: nephew/o/pixy 0 17.A erythrocytes (or rostrum for short): 0 18. The diagnostic term ‘Stereoscopy’ literally means: procedure to view and examine the bladder “urine sac” . All of the above 0 19.

The diagnostic term “Polycyclic Kidney Disease – PACK” refers to the kidney having multiple causing renal (refers to kidney) failure. Sacs or blister appearing in and on the kidney – kidney stone 0 21 . The diagnostic term “In-continence” literally means and is seen with he lack of control of the bladder or the rectum. Not contained 0 22. The test that measures the amount of urea in the blood is called the: BUN Test “Blood Urea Nitrogen Test” 0 23.A person with Hyper/dips is suffering from: excessive thirst 0 24. The procedural technique in which X-rays are taken to show an organ or tissue at a particular depth is called: Tom/graph 0 25.

A Pool/gram is an X-ray of: the renal pelvis 0 26. A wide surgical incision of the abdomen to detect disease is called a(n): staging laboratory 0 27. The procedural term Nephew/graph/y actually means: process of X-ray filming he kidney 0 28. The term Cysts/scoop/y means: procedural visual examination of the bladder “procedure-exact steps” 0 29. The medical term that means Scanty or Slight Urination is: Oleg/aria 0 30.The medical term Pay/aria means: pus in the urine 0 31 . The medical term hematite/aria means: blood in the urine – inflection or hemorrhaging 0 32.

The medical term glycol/aria means: sugar in the urine – diabetes 0 33. The medical term that means destruction of living tissue with an electric spark is also known as (AKA): filtration 0 34. The medical term for a procedure (literally means-to let down into) that uses a legible tube-like device to withdraw or instill fluids is: categorization 0 35. The term Did/ureic literally means double urine and actually means: agent that increases the amount of urine 0 36.The term Enuresis actually means: betting or involuntary urination 0 37. The medical term Mixture/action actually and literally means: the process of urinating or voiding urine 0 38. The diagnostic term Hydro/nephew/o/sis actually means: condition of water “actually urine 95% H2O” backing up into kidney 0 39.

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The diagnostic term Pool/ nephew/it is literally means: an inflammation of the kidney and kidney pelvis 0 1. The name of the structure that contains arteries, veins, lymphatic’s, nerves, ducts deferent, and suspends the testes in the scrotum is the: separates cord 0 2.The male secretors structures that produce a fluid necessary for adequate sperm motility after ejaculation are called the: seminal vesicles and prostate gland 0 3. The combining forms that mean “Abdomen or Belly” are: cell/o-, alpha/o-, and abdomen/o- 0 4. The diagnostic term ” ” is the backward movement of urine from the 0 5. The term “Globetrotting’s” is an inflamed function unit of the kidney (Bowman’s capsule structures) and is classified as evacuate . Acute, chronic or 0 6.

The diagnostic term that means State of Undefended Testes is: corporatism’s 0 7.The diagnostic term that actually means “lack of a male erection or the ability to copulate (diminished blood flow into penile caverns)” is: IM/potency – no power 0 8. The term that means twisted (enlarged & distorted) separates cord veins (in scrotum) is diagnosed by palpating (feeling) worm-like veins is called: varicose 0 9. The surgical term that actually means male sterilization is: vasectomy 0 10. An infectious Sexually Transmitted Infections (SST’) characterized by gum-like odd lesions (gammas) appearing in the tertiary (3rd) stage of the disease (these Lees appear on multiple body parts and organs) is called: syphilis 0 11.

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