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Project Manager


1 Years

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  • You will interface directly with the client and development team.
  • Define product sprints and maintain a product backlog. Develop the product roadmaps, document user stories and shepherd the product requirements through the review, design and development process in a fast-paced, agile environment
  • Partner with the developers to ideate, prioritize and deliver frictionless customer experiences
  • Drive the functional architecture and collaborate with engineering in the technology selection process
  • Continuously evaluate opportunities to improve unit economics through reducing transaction costs
  • Validate product with end customer stakeholders
  • Drive analysis of customer-reported production issues to closure


  • You are comfortable working with software engineers and weighing in on architectural choices as they relate to business requirements
  • You have a solid understanding of the World Wide Web, working knowledge of HTML, CSS and what goes into building a new website.
  • You know when to pivot. You expect program setbacks and know how to react, align your team and drive forward.
  • You think strategically, execute tactically. You have the skill to work at a strategic level with senior leaders and the ability to roll up your sleeves and work tactically with individuals across the organization to drive results
  • You are passionate about building great products and user experiences and have the ability to inspire passion in others to create a shared vision that people can adopt as their own.
  • You have a strong empathy for the customer to fulfill their needs as well as empathy with your colleagues to create an effective and well-performing team.
  • Crave for Ownership. You take accountability and do not expect someone else to make the tough decisions for you. You take responsibility when things don’t go as planned, but never fail to share your successes.
  • For you each morning is about new possibilities. You have a well of energy to call on to surmount any obstacle
  • Deliver Results. You drive decisions to ensure programs stay on schedule and launch.
  • Communicate persuasively. You make cases that are impossible to refute or ignore. Use data appropriately, while tapping into other biases, beliefs, and triggers to convince senior leadership to part with headcount, money or resources.


Experience with SEO, Content Writing, Technical Documentation, Jira, CMS WordPress, Google Docs.