Confucianism vs. Legalism
Essay 2 pages (541 words)

Back in the early civilizations of China, there was a major controversy between two different ideologies: Legalism and Confucianism. Legalism was a political philosophy that taught that a powerful and efficient government is key to maintain order and control over an empire. This ideology supports…

Confucianism and Ching Ming Festival
Essay 4 pages (1009 words)

Ching Ming can be directly translated to clean and bright, and the main focus of this holiday is to pay respects to their ancestors who have passed away. The Ching Ming festival or better known as Tomb Sweeping Day “reflects the reverence for those who…

Confucianism essay
Essay 6 pages (1501 words)

Religion forms a fundamental part of a community. One of the major religions in China is Confucianism founded by Kung Fu-tse, a Chinese sage. The name ‘Confucius’ is the Latin name for Kung Fu-tse. Confucianism not only exists in China but has also in Korea…

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