Sun Tzu is like Niccolo Machiavelli?
Essay 5 pages (1350 words)

I believe that Sun Tzu is like Niccolo Machiavelli because they both have similar principles of ruling countries. One principle might be that they both want people to underestimate them in every way possible and make them believe that they are someone that they are…

Could Cold War Have Been Avoided?
Essay 2 pages (407 words)

Could Cold War have been avoided? No, I strongly believe that the Cold War could not have been avoided because Russia and America were natural enemies of the Soviet Union. The United States and Russia were just too different countries with two completely different leaders…

Advantages Between North and South in Civil War
College Essay 3 pages (864 words)

The Civil War began in the year 1861 and ended four years later. The end result was the Union becoming victorious in 1865. There are many advantages and disadvantages that both sides faced during the war, which ultimately contributed to the final outcome. The advantages…

Reflections of War in Facing It Poem
Essay 2 pages (352 words)

Facing It By Yusef Komunyakaa Summary The Reflections of War In the poem, “Facing It,” Komunyakaa uses his personal experience while visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial after surviving the Vietnam War and the mental affect of the reality that death has left. In the poem…

The Melian Dialogue About War
Essay 3 pages (778 words)

The Melian Dialogue is a debate between the representatives of Melian and Athenian about the sovereignty of Melos. The arguments given by each representative side were of the own creation of Thucydides. Thus, Thucydides believes that the Athenians have the stronger argument. The Athenians question…

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