The Kyasanur forest disease virus
Process Analysis Essay 3 pages (891 words)

Hello I am writing a two page paper on a virus that we wanted to pick in Biology and I chose the Kyasanur forest disease virus (KFDV).I chose it because it seems really interesting to learn about and i wanted to learn more about the…

Rabies is an aggressive disease that causes swelling in the brain
Analytical Essay 4 pages (1000 words)

Have you thought that rabies was just a virus in animals? Maybe not, but that’s what I have thought my whole life. The rabies virus that is found in humans has one of the highest mortality rates ever. Around 50,000 people are dying worldwide from…

The Fowl Plague avian influenza H5N1 in Italy in 1878
Research Paper 5 pages (1257 words)

Could you imagine just tons of blood? Everywhere? Hundreds of birds piled up and ready to be burned in a mass burial? For many people around the world today, this is a normal thing for them. They must keep their guard up and always watch…

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