Physics In Everyday Life
Essay 7 pages (1824 words)

Introduction Physics is an abstract field of science that influences our lives in more ways than we can imagine. From waking up every morning, to the water we drink; from driving to work, to the music we listen to; from the internet, to the cell…

Basic principles of physics
Essay 2 pages (371 words)

Physics forms part of the human life. Is a major branch of science that deals with the aspect of matter motive through space by using energy and force. Therefore, it explains various concepts that occur in the real life. For instance, physics explains the reason…

Modern problems of physics
Essay 13 pages (3752 words)

Q1: (60 marks) A piston-cylinder device initially contains air at 200 kPa and 127 0C. At this stage, the piston is resting on a pair of stops, as shown in the figure below and the enclosed volume is 200 liters. The mass of the cylinder…

Quantum analogs compare the difference in sound inputs
Essay 5 pages (1320 words)

Introduction The main aim of this experiment is to compare the difference in sound inputs. Sound is to be input to a speaker and the sound produced by the speaker detected by a microphone. The sounds injected into the speaker and that detected by the…

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